Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:30 PM by President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Sally Determan, Lee Price, Anne Cullather, Warren Russell, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Frank Phillippi, Bill Lecos, Shane Oleson, Diane Smalley and Rick Aldrich and  Eva Kosztarab. 

Also attending the meeting were Chuck DeSeve (WID), George Waters (Maintenance Committee Co-Chair), Alex Crowther (new neighbor) and Julie Mueller (ARC member and Geese Peace Volunteer coordinator).

The minutes of the April 9, 2014 board meeting were approved as amended.

New Business

Chuck DeSeve , Chair of the WID trustees, has served as the primary interface with Fairfax County regarding the recent sewage spill on Sleepy Hollow Road that impacted the lake.  Chuck provided the board with a summary of the situation as well as the results to three water quality tests that have been completed. Chuck explained that there is a statutory standard established above which water is unsafe for recreational use; that standard is 235 CFU per hundred units (CFU = Colony Forming Units).  He reported that tests on 5/14 indicated healthy results for the lake:  20 at Beach 2; less than 1 at Beach 1; 90 at Beach 3; 150 at Beach 4; and 130 at Beach five – all below the standard. 

Chuck also explained that earlier tests could not distinguish ecoli that was generated from human waste compared to animal waste (geese, etc).  So the WID ordered some genetic tests that could distinguish between human and animal waste products.  Those tests indicated there was zero contamination remaining in the lake from human sewage.  The WID is evaluating the cost and efficacy of ordering new testing protocols that are recently available that will provide instant results, which would enable to WID to perform additional routine testings of the water quality, such as after major storms.

Bill Lecos asked if WID could add Tripps Run as a testing location since there is a pump station located in that vicinity.  Chuck was also asked to provide an article on the issue for the community newsletter, for which the deadline is May 17th.

Sally Determan made a motion for the Board to formally recognize and thank Chuck, the WID trustees and staff for their leadership and quick communication with the community on this critical issue.  The motion passed.

Chuck then provided the Board with an update on the Women’s Club Garden project, which is a joint project with WID.  The WID will start a project to- re-contour the land in the middle of next week to help address storm water issues in the area.  The costs are paid by WID.  WID is also considering creating a planting barrier along the Dearborn side of the beach access area, and suggested the board might consider revising the parking area to accommodate diagonal parking.  Chuck will post a notice on LakeLink regarding the project so neighbors are aware of the activity.

The Board reviewed the monthly calendar of community events and made modifications as appropriate.

Bill Lecos provided an update to the Board on the Lorton Landfill  issue which is under consideration by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  This is the location where LBA deposits the dredged spoils from its dredging activity at no cost to LBA.  Should the County close the landfill, it will create problems and potential additional costs for the community.  Jim requested Board approval to send a letter from LBA to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors urging protection of the Lorton landfill.  The Board approved this motion.  Jim also indicated he would review whether LBA has maintained its membership in the Fairfax Federation.

The discussion then turned to the need for improved warning signs for the community in the event of emergencies, since the signs provided by the county were perceived to be inadequate.    Pat Payne recommended that LBA create its own signage that would be used to alert community members to emergencies/dangers at the Lake. The signs could potentially be stored by WID and installed by WID when needed.  There was also discussion about including alerts on the LBA website.  Pat will refine her proposal and the issue will be discussed again at the June meeting.

Other Business and Committee Reports

  • Shane raised a questions about the Bailey’s Crossroads Revitalization project and who from LBA is monitoring the meetings.  Five people were identified as representatives of Lake Barcroft who should be attending the meetings.
  • Legal – Eva led a discussion regarding two lots that are considering petitioning the County to be sub-divided.  The question is whether LBA  would grant membership to the new owners of the divided lot, and whether the Board has a policy position with respect to proposals to sub-divide lots . A variety of alternatives were discussed, and Eva will draft language to be considered at the June board meeting.
  • Membership – Warren reported that there are 23 homeowners who have not paid their 2014 dues, totaling $7,130; and 11 homeowners who still owe $10,000 from prior years.
  • Maintenance/Improvements – George Waters provided the board with a list of 17 projects that he and his team are planning or have implemented for the community, including:
    • Planting a River Birch at the Community Garden in memory of Richard Hardy;
    • Repairing Beach 3 Boat racks;
    • Power Washing and staining all picnic tables;
    • Building life guard rescue board bins;
    • Building a secondary dock of the Beach 2 dock that is lower in the water for accessing canoes and kayaks;
    • Replacing Neighborhood Watch sign at Beach 1;
    • Replacing the rules sign at Beach 5;
    • Removal of a small tree that is down at Beach 2;
    • Receiving estimates for a new roof on the Beach 5 gazebo;
    • Addressing storm water scouring at Beach 1;
    • Contacting VDOT to unplug a blocked storm drain near Beach 2;
    • Ordering new locks for jons and gates;
    • Addressing ruts left in grass from sand delivery;
    • Addressing swamped boats on boat racks and unlocked boats;
    • Tweaking railing on Community Garden bridge;
    • Planting at Beach 3 pump house;
    • Make adjustments on new boat racks and install cap
  • Architectural Review Committee – Rick discussed the issues surrounding the new construction on Dearborn, indicating that the property owner had presented the ARC with details plans regarding the 45 trees on the property. 20 trees would be saved; 25 would be cut. The homeowner had received approval from the County for their plans.  The second property had run-off issues and the owner installed additional silt fencing in order to address the problem.  Discussion of projects on Mansfield and Lakeview that were encountering delays was deferred until another meeting.  Rick indicated that 8 applications had been received by the ARC, of which 4 had been approved, including one front-yard fence.   Rick also reported that the ARC had been contacted by  neighbors near the Women’s Club Garden complaining that neighbors hadn’t been consulted regarding the installation of the new bridge and ramps in the garden. They thought that community projects should follow the same ARC processes as homeowner projects.
  • Water Safety – Pay Payne is reviewing the issue regarding extended beach hours and is awaiting input from Kevin Hardy with respect to staffing issues.  A renewed contract with Kevin is ready to be executed by Jim.
  • Events – Dorothy reported that Sand Day is scheduled for this Saturday, May 17; the Ice Cream Social is June 21, and Ralph Petta has committed to organize the Labor Day Games in September.
  • Communications – Shane provided an update on the new website, modifications being made to the contractors list, and the photo gallery.  Addendums to the directory will be distributed through the newsletter.
  • Security – Bill Lecos indicated he had met with Officer Brendan Murphy regarding the updated security budget.
  • Environmental – Betsy reported on a successful Earth Day celebration, attended by over 400 residents.  She also provided an update on the Geese Peace program and the tree placement program, for which she has found a new vendor.   Plants have been purchased for the new pollinator garden at Beach 5.
  • Treasurers Report – Lee reported that income and expenses are running as expected.

The Board then went into Executive Session to discuss potential resolution of a property encroachment issue.  After discussion of a variety of options to resolve the issue, Jim Kilbourne made a motion describing elements of a compromise solution.  Some Board members desired more time to think through the issue, and a motion was agreed to that the issue would be tabled until the June Board meeting.  Eva will order the necessary property line survey that will be required to resolve the matter.

The Spring Board dinner is scheduled for Sunday, June 1 at Sally’s home.

The meeting adjourned at 10:50.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne Cullather