Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:32 PM by President Jim Kilbourne at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Sally Determan, Lee Price, Anne Cullather, Warren Russell, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington, Frank Phillippi, Diane Smalley, Rick Aldrich and Shane Oleson. Eva Kosztarab and Bill Lecos were absent. Also attending the meeting were Water Safety Supervisor, Kevin Hardy, Charles de Seve, and George McLennan.


SEWAGE SPILL – Chuck and George provided an update on the four sewage spill incidents that have affected the quality of the lake.  Chuck provided a summary of the causes of each spill and the actions taken by the county to remedy the situation.  He indicated that the problem has been solved going forward.  The County will continue weekly Ecoli testing of the lake throughout the summer.  Lee Price identified information in the WID web site that he perceived to be out of date, and a discussion ensued with George McLennan regarding the need to have information on the sewer spill posted on the WID website.  Sally Determan suggested that we ask the County to spend the additional money required for human ecoli testing until the end of the season.  WID agreed to take weekly ecoli samples and turn them over to the county lab for testing at $80/sample.

Chuck led a discussion of the communication processes now in place to provide the community notification of an emergency.  The County provides 24 x 7 notice to WID; Davis Grant is the first point of contact, followed by Chuck and then George. Chuck notifies Kevin Hardy and the LBA Board.

Pay Payne proposed that LBA ask the county to support ecoli testing two times/week, and if WID can’t pay for it, LBA will.  If a certain threshold is attained, it would trigger a test for human ecoli.  Sally suggested as an alternative that LBA ask the County to test weekly for human ecoli.

Pat proposed a resolution that a letter be sent from LBA to the County and WID requesting weekly testing for human ecoli and report the results, through Labor Day, at the expense of the County.  The resolution passed.

Shane raised a concern about the long-term view, and the need for a community meeting of interested folk to manage the issue proactively.

Jim appointed a special subcommittee to explore options and make recommendations regarding improving communications to the community in the event of future emergencies.  Serving on the committee are Shane, Sally and Diane.  

LAKE SAFETY REPORT – Kevin Hardy updated the Board regarding lake and lifeguard issues, included:

  1. An employee was injured on the job; medical bills will be turned over to the insurance company;
  2. There was an incident at beach 3 regarding a fish hook injury on a 12 year old boy who was a guest of a resident, and an ambulance was called;
  3. Kevin is currently hiring a full staff sufficient to commit to working in a way to ensure beach 5 is open every day; today it is open for parties and on weekends.
  4. Fourth of July was a very active weekend, but by Monday the beaches were quiet;
  5. Swimming lessons have started.  The first session was cancelled since there were only 4 students; but the current session is full.

MINUTES: The minutes of the June 11, 2014 board meeting were approved as amended. The motion was made by Pat Payne and seconded by Frank.  The minutes were approved by majority vote; Warren voted in opposition.

CALENDAR:  Diane reviewed the calendar.  The Barge Party is scheduled for the 19th.

WOMAN’S GARDEN REPAIRS:  Jim provided an update on the Woman’s Garden.  WID completed their work.  The fence along Dearborn has been removed and landscaping has been planted. A French drain was installed to manage stormwater from Dearborn. $37,500 was contributed by LBA for work on the fountain; the remainder of the project was paid for by WID. LBA is responsible for maintenance.

LORTON LANDFILL – There were a number of unresolved issues with the Landfill was taken up at the June 17th meeting of the Board of County Supervisors, and a vote was postponed until a later meeting.

ARC Guidelines – Jim would like to schedule a separate meeting to discuss proposed revisions to the Architectural Review Guidelines. A meeting was proposed for 7/23 at the LBA office at 7:30.

COMMUNICATIONS – Shane provided a report from the Communications Committee. Regarding the newsletter, he reported that Carol and Tom are stepping down in December after years of writing and publishing the community newsletter. Shane is starting to plan for the transition, and is soliciting suggestions for a new editor.  Regarding the LBA website project, Shane reported that the 3rd project manager is leaving the company we retained to re-design the website.  There is still functionality missing that the contract has agreed to provide.  The vendor claims they are out of hours on the contract, and need an additional 75-125 hours to complete the project (approximately $9,000-$11,000).  Shane will review the contract with Eva and make a recommendation. He will circulate a status in early August.

7 CORNERS REDEVELOPMENT -  Bill Lecos is the lead point person for LBA, with the assistance of Betsy and Pat.  They provided a summary of the County Task Force activities related to the redevelopment of the 7 corners area.  There were taskforce meetings in June and July during which neighboring homeowners association were providing input and feedback on the County’s plans for the area.  Betsy will attend a meeting of the HOAs on 7/16.  There will be a meeting with Sandy Evans on 7/15 at the Coopers on Juniper Lane to discuss the impact on schools. On 7/22, the draft plan of the task force is due to be delivered to Mason District Land Use.  On 8/12 there will be another task force meeting at which Jim will present comments for LBA. Pat believes the Sears component is on a faster track than the rest of the development.   The other HOAs are not opposed to development but are concerned about density and the underestimated impact on schools and the community.  Run off to the Lake is an outstanding concern.  Pat will draft a letter for board approval to send to the Task Force.  The September Task Force meeting is scheduled for 9/29.

ROBERTS  PROPERTY – Lee made  a motion to authorize Jim to sign a quit claim deed to resolve a property line issue at the Robert’s property.  It was seconded by Diane and the motion was approved unanimously.

EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The Board went into executive session to discuss resolution to a property encroachment issue.  Jim and Eva will draft the necessary documents for board approval.

The meeting adjourned after 10:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Anne Cullather