Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

On November 12, 2014 the Board of Directors of LBA met at 7:30 at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors, Sally Determan, Lee Price, Anne Cullather, Warren Russell, Betsy Washington, Rick Aldrich  Shane Oleson, Eva Kosztarab , Frank Phillipi and Bill Lecos, Pat Payne and Diane Smalley.  Jim Kilbourne was not in attendance. Also attending the meeting was Chris Lawson.

Lee made a motion to accept the minutes of the October meeting, which was seconded by Frank.  The minutes were approved unanimously.  The community calendar was then reviewed but there was no discussion or questions.

7-Corners Re-development
Bill Lecos provided an update on the County’s project to re-develop the 7-Corners area on Leesburg Pike. There will be an LBA community dialogue meeting on Monday evening.  Then on December 9th there will be a public engagement meeting with the County Task Force. There is also an upcoming design workshop scheduled.

Jeb Stuart Cell Tower
Bill reported that the county approved the petition to install a cell site on a post at Jeb Stuart High School.

Communications Report
Shane reported that the new candidates for newsletter editor are working with Carol.

He also reported on the status of developments for the updated website:  Teoti has turned over the assets and the final check for payment can be released. He has held preliminary meetings with the new consultants and a draft agreement has been drafted.

Shane then updated the Board on his efforts to research vendors to support a new community emergency alert/notification service.  He reviewed three vendors, and is recommending the company Swift911.  Discuss was deferred until the budget discussion.

Budget Report
Lee reviewed his budget recommendations for 2015.  The association is currently running an $87,000 surplus compared to the planned 2014 budget.  Lee recommended reducing the maintenance line item to $63,000 since in 2014 the year-to-date expense was $45,000 (compared to a 2014 budget of $67,000). He also recommended maintaining membership fees at current levels with no increase. Other budget line items discussed included water safety and security.  Water safety expenses are driven in large part by weather, which impacts when lifeguards can work.  Security expenses were below budget in 2014 since we were only able to fill 60% of our desired patrols given limitations on the availability of officers from the county.  Had officers been available, we would have been on budget.

Betsy reported that she has raised $2,000 with the tree replacement programs.

Newcomers Welcome Basket
The Newcomers Club has asked that LBA continue to contribute $1,000 towards the welcome baskets that are delivered to new residents of the community.  The funds would be budgeted either in the special events or membership budget, at Lee’s discretion. (Chris noted that it is currently budgeted in account 6121 office expenses). There was no objection and the Board approved the $1,000 contribution for the welcome baskets.

Emergency Alert Services
The Board revisited Shane’s recommendations regarding emergency alert services.  The vendor recommended by Shane would cost $2750/year.  The Board discussed the input received from the community during the sewer spills about the need for improved emergency communication to residents beyond using LakeLink. Bill noted that the expense could be covered by the 2014 surplus, and we could use 2015 to evaluate the service.  Sally asked if anyone opposed the expenditure of funds for Swift911; no one objected and the expense was approved by the Board.

Budget Approval
Pat moved that the Board approve the 2015 budget as presented with minor modifications as discussed.  Anne seconded Pat’s motion, and the board discussed the budget further. Warren expressed concern regarding the funding for security, suggesting that the line item should be budgeted at actual expenses.  Sally pointed out that the budgeted number reflected our optimal desired coverage. The board voted unanimously to approve the budget.

Architectural Review Committee
Rick reported that ARC appeals have been delayed, and that the board needs to schedule a special meeting within the next 10 days to hear the appeals. There are two appeals: 1) The appeal by the Smalley family of the ARC’s denial of their application to install a hard shell car cover adjacent to their carport; and 2) Lark Lovering’s appeal of ARC’s approval of the renovations proposed by the McManus family. A special board meeting was scheduled for Thursday, November 20th at 7:30 to hear and discuss these appeals.

2015 Annual Meeting
The Board reviewed possible dates for the 2015 LBA annual meeting and selected February 17th.

Committee Reports
Maintenance – Frank reported on behalf of George Waters that the work on the gazebo has been completed. There are no other current projects.

Legal – Eva reported on the results of her research regarding requirements for keeping minutes during executive sessions of the Board.  She confirmed that there is a requirement to keep minutes, and when they require approval, the Board should go into executive session to review, discuss and approve the minutes.  The minutes from such sessions shouldn’t be published on the community website, but records should be maintained in the LBA office. Anne Cullather agreed to provide minutes for the executive sessions since she has been Secretary.  On a separate ARC-related matter, Eva agreed that either she or Rick will  circulate the list of proposed maintenance items that shouldn’t require ARC approval.  Eva further reported that the Quit Claim Deed for the property on Beachway has been prepared, and that the agreement to resolve a property encroachment issue with the Penlands has been recorded.  Eva then reported on the results of her research regarding LBA’s policies regarding signage in the community, and indicated she needs to work with Rick regarding enforcement practices. Sally suggested the Board might pre-approve certain categories of signs (e.g., political, real estate, school events, etc), and any others would require prior approval.  Eva will circulate Fairfax County’s “Clean Fairfax” document, with the suggestion that LBA simply mirror the County rules. 

Architectural Review – 7 applications were received since the last Board meeting, and 2 appeals are pending.

Water Safety – No report for this month.

Special Events – Cullen O’Sullivan is coordinating the first annual holiday caroling event for December 20th, 5:45 – 6:45 at Beach 5.

Security – Bill Lecos is researching private security firms, including on-site mobile options and off-site video options. 

Environment – Betsy reported on removal of invasive vines and her work on the 7-corners development issues.

A slate of new candidates has been identified for the 2015 elections.

The meeting adjourned at 9:03.  There will be no board meeting in December.