Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

On April 8, 2015 the Board of Directors of LBA met at 7:30 at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Rick Aldrich, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Anne Cullather, Kevin Kampschroer, Sarah Mattingly, Sara Withers Franco, Betsy Washington, Frank Phillippi, Bill Lecos, Shane Oleson and Pat Payne.   Jim Kilbourne, Todd West and Chris Lawson were not in attendance.  Bill Lecos chaired the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:36 by Bill Lecos.

The minutes from the March 11 meeting were reviewed. Pat Payne made a motion to approve the revised minutes; Frank seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

The Calendar

The Board reviewed the calendar of events for the community and made several modifications.   The schedule for beach closings for the Fourth of July holiday was discussed briefly. 

Land Use and Seven Corners Redevelopment update

Bill Lecos provided an update on two land use issues:  1) the Brooks Place development and 2) Seven Corners.  Regarding the development on Brooks Place, Phase I had been approved by the County 3-4 weeks ago and the project is moving forward.  Bill will continue to monitor regarding access issues, noting that LBA’s preference if for access to be provided from Sleepy Hollow Road.  

Regarding the Seven Corners development, Bill reported that LBA supported the efforts of other HOAs to have a working group created to review the Task Force recommendations for Areas “A” and “B”., but that did not happen.  Area revisions have been made to the plan amendment and there is a public hearing scheduled on 5/7 and the project will be considered by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on 6/23.  There will be a set-aside of 12% to 15% for affordable housing units, depending on the parcel.

Bill stated that it is the intention for LBA to proffer support for the area plan amendments at the Planning Commission hearing on May 7th as the necessary first step for fostering the revitalization of the Seven Corners business district.  LBA’s statement will be consistent with previous testimony but will note the input from the LB town halls, emphasize the need for environmental improvements and restate concerns regarding school capacity and cut-through traffic.

The County is also holding hearings on the Budget and LBA was asked to support a resolution to maintain mowing.

Jim Kilbourne is planning to testify at the upcoming Planning Commission hearing regarding the amendment to the comprehensive area plan.   Bill also updated the Board on discussion s regarding the Willston school.

LBA Sign Policy

This issue was tabled until Rick and Pat could get together to provide a recommendation to the Board.

Architectural Review Committee

Rick reported that the revised guidelines have been updated to reflect the association’s tree preservation policy and the ARC has added a landscaping attachment to the application form.  Rick sent a final version to Chris to circulate to Board members and the updated guidelines will be on the agenda for the May meeting. Rick also updated the Board on two ARC violations.  In one instance, the homeowner has submitted an application to ARC after the fact regarding seawall modifications, and the application was reviewed by WID and the work approved. Evidently the County is also reviewing the situation and may assess penalties on the homeowner.  In the second instance, the County has cited the homeowner and will schedule a hearing on work that was performed within the RPA without a permit.  LBA has sent the homeowner a letter and is awaiting a response. If the homeowner desires a hearing before the LBA board, it will be at the May board meeting.

Committee Reports

Improvements Committee – Frank reported that a photo survey of the beaches has been completed by Andrew and they are developing a work plan.  He noted that two trees fell at Beach 3 and have been removed.  Also, a list of pot holes in the community has been sent to Kay Kory and VDOT.  George Waters had contacted VDOT to request acceleration of their repair of several critical potholes.

Legal Committee –  Pat Payne discussed a Quit Claim deed issue.  She also noted that a “preamble” to the covenants doesn’t really exist and needs to be taken off the LBA website.  It was also mentioned that County Supervisor Penny Gross was requesting input/support for a “community Parking District” initiative that would prohibit parking certain vehicles on Mason District Streets (e.g., boats, RVs, campers, trailers).  There was no objection raised to the initiative.

Membership Committee - 1001 lots have paid their dues, and 44 remain unpaid. Letters have been sent to those with delinquent balances.  $300 was collected in transfer fees.

Architectural Review Committee – Rick reported that two new members had joined the Committee (Andrew Casolini Dal Bo and Kevin Kampschroer).  Jennifer Talati is also consulting on realtor issues.  The committee has received 9 applications; 5 were approved and 4 are pending.

Water Safety – Andrew reported that a contract has been signed with Kevin Hardy.  Kevin had requested a cost of living increase, and the Board recommended that Andrew bring a bonus proposal back to the board in the May/June timeframe that ties a bonus to associated performance metrics. 

Events - Sara reported that she had met with Diane Smalley and received her files.  May 9 is scheduled for Sand Day.  Three new proposals for events have been received: 1) a lighted boat show over the holidays; 2) a cardboard boat race; and 3) a clothing swap event.

Communications -  Shane reported that he is still working to identify a new editor for the newsletter and a photographer.  Regarding the website, he has a punch list of projects to complete with the new contractor.  He asked board members to register on the website as part of the test of the new emergency alert system that will be launched shortly. He is also working on other social media sites, such as a new Facebook page for the community.

Security - Kevin reported that he met with Office Murphy, who anticipates there will be sufficient police resources available without LBA needing to increase the compensation rates for officers. The County is issuing neon yellow neighborhood watch vests, and he is completing a neighborhood watch survey for the county coordinator.

Environment – Betsy provided an update on Earth Day programs, which will include education programs on trees and the participation of an urban forester.  She also mentioned that Kelso, the Geese Peace dog, may be sick, so she is exploring options for the program.

Budget – Bill presented the Treasurer’s Report.  LBA is $7,000 over on budgeted revenue and $5,000 over on expenses. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted by, Anne Cullather, LBA Secretary