Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

On June 9, 2015 the Board of Directors of LBA met at 7:30 at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Rick Aldrich, Andrew Casolini Dal Bo, Anne Cullather, Sarah Mattingly, Sara Withers Franco, Frank Phillippi, Shane Oleson, Pat Payne, and Todd West. Chris Lawson was also present.  Kevin Kampschroer, Bill Lecos and Betsy Washington were absent. Also attending were George Waters, Charles DeSeve, Kevin Hardy, George McLennan, Mike Sternad, Nancy Vorona and Ken Trotter.   

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Jim Kilbourne and opened with various presentations by guests.


Charles DeSeve and George McLennan updated the Board on WID and various projects that will be undertaken in the upcoming years.  Topics of discussion included replacing the hydraulic cylinders on the dam; evaluating the bolts that secure the gate at the dam; replacing the gate, the loader, back hoe and dump truck; replacing the gate seals; and dredge disposal location post 2020.


Kevin Hardy provided the Board with a season-opening report on the lake’s water safety program, indicating that all beaches opened on time with a full staff at all the beaches. The community will have 32 lifeguards on staff, including 4 managers.  Kevin also briefed the board on the lake’s swim instruction programs and his plans to introduce a junior lifeguard program for children ages 9-14.  Kevin also reported that a drill was scheduled for June 22 with Fairfax Fire & Rescue and the LBA lifeguards.  He mentioned that the closest rescue boat in the county is currently housed near Loehman’s Plaza and that the boat that had been housed at Bailey’s Crossroads had been crushed when the roof at that station collapsed several years ago.


Nancy Vorona and Ken Trotter addressed the board regarding concerns about commercial businesses being operated out of residential homes in violation of county ordinances..  They identified specific concerns regarding an HVAC business on Waterway Drive and a construction company on Duff Drive.  Ken mentioned that he had filed a complaint with Fairfax County.  Jim mentioned that he would work with Rick and Pat on the issue and follow up with the homeowners.  Shane Oleson raised an issue of a landscaping company using vacant land in the community to store their equipment and materials in a shed.


Mike Sternad updated the board on the Thurgood Marshall Foundation, which provides college scholarships to graduating seniors from Jeb Stuart High School who are in financial need. The Foundation operates under the auspices of the Lake Barcroft Foundation, an affiliate of the LBA.  The Foundation currently has a principle of $100,000, and provides awards from the interest earned on the principal.  The Foundation hopes to increase funding by nearly $20,000 annually. Chris will provide the Foundation with the names of homeowners who have made a contribution as part of their LBA dues payments in order to facilitate the issuance of thank you letters by the Foundation.


Jim circulated proposed revisions to the draft minutes of the May board meeting.  Pat Payne moved to approve the minutes as revised by Jim, which was seconded by Sara Withers Franco.  The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.


The Board reviewed the calendar of events for the community.  The Board Pot Luck dinner will be scheduled sometime in July.


Jim provided the Board with an update on the current status of the Seven Corners Comprehensive Plan Amendment.  The “Community Work Group,” a coalition of neighborhood homeowner associations and interested individuals, is working on their own suggestions for changes to the Task Force’s plan for Areas A and B.  The Working Group comments are due to the Fairfax County Planning Commission no later than June 23rd, the Commission will hold its record open until July 8, and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on the entire Plan Amendment on July 28.  


Jim reported that a letter was submitted to the state by LBA which was one of 4-5 comments submitted from community members. The state DEQ summarized all of the comments, which Jim will circulate.


Jim, Pat and Rick have been working on language to add to the new ARC guidelines to allow a hardship exemption for homeowners who have a legitimate need to construct a dock larger than otherwise permitted under the Guidelines.  Jim will circulate the language electronically and request an electronic vote on the language.


Anastasia Lautenberg agreed to the resolution proposed at the last Board meeting and has paid the fine imposed by LBA.  She has emailed a draft article to Jim for potential publication in the LBA newsletter.

When a homeowner sells his property, the LBA is required to provide notification to potential purchasers whether the property is in compliance with LBA rules.  Rick raised a question about who has the authority to note instances of non-compliance.    Pat Payne will provide a legal review of the issue.

The issue of blighted property on Beachway was deferred and will be discussed at the July meeting.


Maintenance – Jim thanked George and Frank for their work on beach improvements and the painting of the lifeguard chairs with the assistance of Joe Franco’s students.  George updated the board on the project as well as work on the railings on Lakeview Drive.  Sarah Mattingly raised an issue regarding poison ivy and the process homeowners should use when they see it on LBA property, which is to notify George Waters. 

ARC – Rick indicated the Committee had 13 applications pending He raised an issue regarding the conversion of pontoon boats to floating docks, which a subcommittee will review and make a recommendation to the Board.

Water Safety – Andrew discussed arrangements for storage of the lifeguard boat near Beach 4.  Andrew is reviewing and will bring a recommendation back to the Board.

Events – Sara Franco reported that the Ice Cream Social is scheduled for June 20 from 3-5 pm.  She also mentioned that a cardboard boat race will be scheduled in September, and there are several summer movie events under discussion.  For the Fourth of July, there is a request to have an LBA Board car in the parade. 

Communications – Shane reported that the postcard regarding the new emergency notification system will be mailed to the community on June 15.  He has also been meeting with George Waters and Bob Gonzalez regarding the maintenance of the contractor’s list.  He will provide the list as a pdf attachment on a Lakelink message. 

Security – Kevin was absent, but Sarah Mattingly raised an issue regarding cars parking at the beaches and leaving trash.  Jim will discuss with Kevin about the need to identify hot-spots to local police.

Environmental – Madeline Weeks’ dog, Scout, has completed training for the Geese Peace program, and a docking agreement has been reached with Reinhardt Lynch to store the Geese Peace boat during portions of the summer season.  It was also reported that 6-7 dead beavers have been found in the neighborhood, and the community should keep Betsy and WID informed of any additional dead beavers found.

Finance – Todd reported that revenues are up by $4,000 compared to this time last year and the association continues to operate on budget. He is making plans for an audit. 

Membership – Sarah Mattingly reported that 1027 lots have paid their dues and 18 remain delinquent.

Legal – Pat reported that the quitclaim deed for the Aukofer property discussed at the May meeting was finalized and recorded and there were no other issues to report.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30.
Respectfully Submitted by Anne Cullather, Secretary