Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Jim Kilbourne.

The minutes from the June 9th Board meeting were reviewed and revised.  Frank moved to approve the minutes as revised, which was seconded by Bill Lecos.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes as  revised.


Kevin Hardy reported on the successful completion of an orientation drill with the local fire department; another drill is scheduled for the end of the month that will include the police dive team.  Kevin reported that 28 lifeguards are currently on the payroll.  Given the wet weather in June, he is running under budget.  Kevin also reported he has completed two sessions of swim lessons and that the Junior Life Guard program is still under development.  Kevin completed a review of the beaches to identify erosion issues that need to be addressed. He reported that beaches 3 & 4 are the worst, and he is formulating a plan to present to WID and the Board.  Kevin also identified that the storage box at Beach 1 is broken and will need to be replaced, at an estimated cost of $500.  Anne asked whether he might consider in the future creating a safety zone for small water craft during the fireworks event, but no action was taken since the primary concern for small craft is during the time when all the boats disperse from the area.


The Board reviewed the calendar of events for the community.  


Denise Patton Pace, Tina Trapnell, Rita Baban and Liz Rawlings addressed the Board regarding their concerns related to the Fairfax County proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Seven Corners re-development, identifying issues related to density, schools, transportation, green space and affordable housing.   The Board decided to hold a community meeting to solicit input in preparation for the July 28th Board of Supervisors hearing on the Plan Amendment.


Jim reported that the State Water Quality Board held a hearing in Richmond on June 25th to review the proposed consent order between Virginia DEQ and Fairfax County regarding the 2014 sewer spills into and near  Lake Barcroft. In addition to the Comments from LBA, numerous other people also filed objections. The Board affirmed the consent order as written without modification.  

Jim, Bill, Andrew and Betsy also met with WID regarding the County’s plans to  refurbish two existing pumping stations within Lake Barcroft – one near Beach 3 and another near the Pisciotta’s property.  Work will start in the fall.  

Betsy raised an issue about a tree that fell on July 3 over near Beach 3, falling on the roof of the pumping station.  Kevin Howe called the county’s Stormwater Management Division to get someone to come out, but no one responded.  The Fire Marshall also reported it, requesting that the county send someone over to address it, but no one responded.  George Waters reported that Dominion Power will send a crew out to remove the tree, since the transformer was damaged, creating a fire risk. 


The board discussed the language related to hardship exemption for dock length from the shoreline, reviewing two different options.  A suggestion was made to delete the word “extreme” in version 2.  Pat made a motion to approve version 2 of the language, which was seconded by Bill.  The Board voted to approve the version 2 language.  Bill then made a motion to approve the final revised ARC guidelines, which was seconded by Pat and approved by the Board.


 Rick reported on the following items:

  • The Algarme’s on Lakeview continue to work with the County on their permit issues.  Rick reviewed the article they wrote for the LBA newsletter and sent it to Jim.
  • Nazir Bhagat has been renovating his home for two years, which is beyond the one year limit provided by ARC so he needs to file amendments with ARC; Christine Rosen has taken over her father’s estate on Ridgeway Terrace and allegedly built a new pool house. Rick notified her of the need to submit an application to the ARC as a pre-requisite to approving the seawall application;
  • Robert Finley’s large floating dock, which is used for the high school crew team, exceeds the size limits in the new guidelines.  Pat moved that LBA send a letter to the Finleys confirming that their dock is approved. Bill seconded the motion and it was approved by the Board.
  • Blighted property on Beachway – the ARC is willing to assist the homeowner address the issues.

Regarding the covenant enforcement issues raised at the last meeting, Jim reported that the resident on Waterway received a permit from the County and has cleared up their yard. The resident on Duff Drive is still working through the issue.  There was also a report regarding Miguel Landscaping, which was storing equipment in a forest in the community.  Bill suggested having a newsletter article published regarding the new County rules affecting the parking of commercial vehicles on Mason District roads.


Jim reported that the Malbrook group has contacted him regarding the development on Brooks Place.  Construction is imminent.  The key issue for LBA is the routing of traffic, which LBA would prefer be routed to Sleepy Hollow Road.  There is also a sewer routing issue that is a concern.  The next step is for Jim to meet with Supervisor Penny Gross and also talk with VDOT.


There is a house for sale on Tennis Court that has implications for common land owned by LBA.  When Parcel A was developed, there was an area behind the homes given to LBA.  LBA planted a buffer on a portion of the land, and grass covered the remainder of the LBA property.  The homeowner cut the grass.  Now that the house is for sale, LBA sent a letter asking the homeowner to disclose to any buyer the land that belongs to LBA.  It was suggested that someone perform a visual inspection of the LBA property, and Jim agreed to make a site visit with George and Frank.


Maintenance – Frank reported there is another tree down at Beach 3 and  the Environmental Committee will replace the trees at Beach 3 this fall as part of the Community Tree Replacement Program.  George reported on the erosion issue at beaches, which creates a drop off as sand gets pushed into the lake.  He is reviewing a potential French drain solution or the installation of swales or river rock.  He also noted that the Beach 3 gravel path is directing water onto the beach, creating a soft boggy area.  He will provide the Board with recommendations.

ARC – Rick reported the Committee has approved 7 applications; provided tentative approval to 4, and 1 is pending. Rick indicated he will be asking for additional budget resources for next year for staffing of the Committee. 

Water Safety – Andrew will send out a note reminding neighbors to attach LBA stickers to barges and boats.

Events – Sara Franco thanked Kevin Howe for a fabulous Fourth of July fireworks display, and also expressed her appreciation to the Board members that participated in the community parade.  She also mentioned that a cardboard boat race is being developed for September, and there are several summer movie events under discussion.   

Communications – Shane reported that the new emergency notification system has been launched.   He has also been meeting with George Waters and Bob Gonzalez regarding the maintenance of the contractor’s list.  He will provide the list as a pdf attachment on a LakeLink message. Shane also reported that Marilyn Finley has taken over as editor of the community newsletter, and Larry Golfer will be the photo editor.

Security – Kevin was absent, but it was mentioned that he had met with police officer Gary Moore, who has replaced officer Brendan Murphy as our liaison to the department. The Police Department is continuing its patrols of the community.  August 4th is National Night Out.

Environmental –  Betsy reported that Geese Peace had been successful in reducing the geese population from 80 geese down to 2 pair with 2 goslings.  The Geese Peace dog, Kelso, has retired and Scout, a new dog owned by Madeline Weeks, has completed training.  On the residential tree program, Betsy reported that  residents have signed up for 35 trees for the 2015 Residential Tree Replacement program.  These trees will be planted in September.  Betsy also provided an updated report on the dead beavers that have been found in the community – another one was sited off Lakeview.  The Fairfax County Wildlife Biologist is investigating given the large number of incidents (8). It was speculated that the deaths might be caused by the bacteria Tulameria.

Finance – Todd reported that Budget estimates for next year are due in September.  Taxes will also be filed in September and the audit is in the planning phase.

Membership – Sarah Mattingly reported that Transfer fees were collected for 11 lots. Delinquent dues were received from 4 homeowners, with 14 lots remaining unpaid. Sarah will call those homeowners.

Legal – Pat reported that the quitclaim deed for 6323 Beachway was filed with the County, but rejected.   Pat will have a conference call with Don Kipps (Highland Title) and our attorney at Chadwick to determine next steps.  The County asserted that the deed needs to go through the “sub-development” process, an assertion with which we disagree .

The meeting adjourned at 10:15.