The LBWC Halloween Parade

Oct 28, 2018 - 02:00pm
Q:  Holy Smokin’ Goblin Treats, it’s almost time for the Halloween Parade!  What’s the date and where does the parade start and end?

A:  The 42nd annual Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club Halloween Parade is on Sunday, October 28.  It starts at Beach 5 (on Waterway Drive near the intersection with Rusticway Drive) and ends at Beach 3 (on Waterway Drive at the intersection with Stoneybrae Drive).

Q: What time, and what actually happens?

A:  Assembly time is 1:45, and the parade begins marching from Beach 5 down Waterway Drive promptly at 2:00 pm, with a police car blasting its siren and a fire truck leading the way.  The Justice High School Band follows along playing and marching, children wearing Halloween costumes march behind, parents pull babies in wagons and strollers, some adults in costume stroll by, then maybe a few politicians escorted by fancy cars, a police car pulls up the rear and maybe a second police car follows, until the parade reaches Beach 3. 

Q:  Is there a rain date?

A:  Nope, this event marches on, rain or shine.

Q:  Police cars?  Why do the police come?  And fire trucks, too?

A:  Parades on public streets require a police permit.  So, after parade organizer extraordinaire, Jeannie Meyer, gets our permit, the police come over to block off the adjacent streets, head up the front and pull up the rear—all to make the parade route safe.  The fire trucks come for free (though the Woman's Club gives them a donation each year).  They enjoy supporting our community and thrilling the kids, and we love seeing them.  (By the way, Jeannie has organized this parade for 39 years!)

Q:  Can adults dress up, too?

A:  We hope they will!

Q:  Will there be any food, drink or goodies for those marching in and watching the parade?

A:  All three!  As she has for many years, Eliana Turina organizes the collection of dozens of homemade cookies by some of the Woman’s Club’s best bakers, as well as the lemonade and water provided for all.  Plus we have Goody Bags for children aged 10 and under.  Everything will be handed out at Beach 3 at the end of the parade.  You can bake, too, if you'd like!  Watch for another note on that…

Q:  Can I bring my Cousin Clementine and her kids if they visit that weekend?

A:  Yes, of course.....this is a free, family event sponsored by the Woman’s Club.

Q:  What if I just want to watch the parade and not dress up in costume or march in it?  This seems like a great spectator event…

A:  It is!  In that case, if you drive over, park on one of the side streets going into Waterway Drive (Cavalier Corridor, Crosswoods Drive, and Fiddlers Green), then line up on the side of Waterway Drive to see the parade go by.  Of course, if you live close-by, you can line up anywhere on Waterway between Beach 5 and Beach 3.

Q:  What about my dog?

A:  Well-behaved dogs on leashes are welcome!  Be sure to bring your plastic bag just in case…
Looking forward to seeing you there!