Lake Barcroft Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

The ARC meets once a month, generally on the first Monday of the month to review applications and address other ARC matters.  However, most reviews are conducted electronically, so you may submit your application at any time for an ARC review.  Since reviews are conducted electronically, submitting your application in an electronic form will help to expedite the review of your application.

Click here to submit your application online

Conforming applications can generally be reviewed very quickly.  Conforming applications are those which conform to the Guidelines and include all the information and attachments required by the Guidelines (application form, description, color photographs of the existing property, scale drawings, explanation of style, color, description of landscaping, copy of record plat, and written neighbor inputs).  

Certain complex applications or those that raise Guidelines policy issues may require a site visit. In such cases, the applicant or applicants will be contacted and/or may be asked to make a presentation to the ARC.  In these cases, a submission may take longer to review, but the goal of the ARC will remain to make a decision without undue delay. Regarding docks and seawalls, this booklet is under construction but in the meantime, the prior approved docks and seawall rules from July 8, 2015 ARC Guidelines apply.  Please refer to these guidelines when planning a construction project that involves docks and/or seawalls. 

Should you have questions regarding the process, please contact the Chair of the ARC, LBA Board Member Ralph Smalley, at or the LBA Manager, Katie Musser at

These documents are in PDF format and require the free Adobe Reader for viewing, saving and printing.  Links for PDFs will open in a new window.