Clubs & Groups

Lake Barcroft has a unique way of welcoming its new residents — the Newcomers' Club. The club is a diverse, casual and fun group. It is a great way to make new friends, get to know the neighborhood and community, and participate in Lake Barcroft activities and social events. Membership is open to all Lake Barcroft residents, whether you've been here for a month, a year or a decade.

The Newcomers' Club holds social events about 10 times per year. Club members get first notice of all events and discounted fees to attend. Most popular of all is the annual Barge Party, where we have cocktails and appetizers while touring the lake on party barges, and then enjoy a lakeside dinner alfresco. The rest of year includes events such as a Chili Cookoff, a St. Patrick's Day party, dinner out on the town, and holiday party with gift exchange - just to name a few. And yes, there are child friendly events as well, including Sand Day, where the Newcomers provide lunch for everyone, and a Barbecue on the Beach. All of these events provide a forum for members to make friends and to share a wealth of information on everything from shopping, plumbers, dentists, pediatricians and contractors to great restaurants, babysitters and local entertainment.

The Newcomers' Club provides a wonderful opportunity for both new and longtime Lake Barcroft residents to get involved in the community. We always need volunteers to participate on the Newcomers Executive Committee, plan or host a party, or help with an event.

For this year's planned events, see the newsletter or Community Calendar.

The Newcomers' Club tries to contact all new Lake Barcroft homeowners and renters. If we missed you or if you know of someone moving in nearby, please contact the Newcomers Club.