Community Maps


Currently not all maps are online.  Please contact the Lake Office for a copy.

The Addresses [PDF] and Lot Numbers [PDF] maps come from the Lake Barcroft Directory. They are sized to print on a single sheet of paper in landscape orientation. Zoom in to read on screen.

Address Maps:

The Resource Protection Area maps covering Lake Barcroft are very detailed showing areas and properties where the requirements of the RPA apply. If you live near water or where water flows, you should check these maps.

The WID Lake Depth [PDF] map is very large (17MB) and plots lake depth on a color photograph of the lake and community. Useful for the detailed aerial photo of the community as well as the depth information. South Beach Beach 1 Lake Depth Map NorthBeach Beach 4 Depth Map from WID

Anchoring and Slow Zones on the lake: To prevent damage to, or dislocation of, the piping which aerates the lake waters, anchoring boats is prohibited in the areas designated by the grey lines in the map at left.

Google Map is a link to the site focused on Lake Barcroft.