The Board of Directors 2003

The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) is a homeowner's association and the governing body for the Lake Barcroft community. The LBA Board of Directors consists of 13 directors, elected by the membership of LBA for two-year terms, with a three term limit. Annual elections were last held in March, 2003.

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Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Lake Manager's office at 6425 Lakeview Drive. All regular Board meetings begin at 7:30pm and are open to community members.

Director, (term/term expires), assignments:

Uri Arkin , (-/'04), Chair Special Events
Frank Aukofer , (2nd/'05), Chair Publications
Peter Browne , (2nd/'04), Chair Water Safety/Beaches
Mac Canter , (3rd/'05), Chair Legal
David Dale , (1st/'05), Chair Architectural Review
Diane Davidson , (1st/'04), Chair Environmental Quality
Regina Derzon , (1st/'05), Chair Membership
David Feld , (3rd/'05), Vice President
Robert Foster , ('03), Co-chair Water Safety/Beaches
George McLennan , (2nd/'04), President
Ralph Smalley , (3rd/'04), Secretary
Pete Walker , (1st/'05), Chair Community Watch/Security
Karen Wehner , (1st/'04), Treasurer, Chair Finance & Audit

Photos/Biographies of Board members:


URI ARKIN has been a resident of Lake Barcroft since 1966. His parents moved to Lake Barcroft a year earlier, making Uri a second generation Barcrofter. Uri grew up on the Lake, spending his summers on the beach and his winters sledding on the many hills of Lake Barcroft. After graduating from the College of William and Mary and the University of Miami School of Law, Uri decided to purchase a home in the neighborhood he loved so much, Lake Barcroft. He purchased his current home on Rusticway Lane in 1997, and has been remodeling it one project at a time ever since. Uri has had 10 years private practice experience as an attorney in the area of real estate law. He has also obtained a Masters of Law in Real Estate Development in order to further both his interest and education in real estate generally. Currently, Uri works for Arlington County Government in the area of real estate acquisitions. Uri is also very involved in volunteer work, both on and off the Lake. On the Lake, Uri is a staff reporter for the new Lake Barcroft Newsletter. Off the Lake, he is an active charter member of both the Bethesda-Potomac Jaycees and Impact DC. Uri's parents still call Lake Barcroft their home, as well.


FRANK AUKOFER has served one term as a member of the LBA board. He was membership chairman for the first year, then served as publications chairman. In the latter role, he reorganized the LBA Newsletter in 2002 with a new staff of volunteers. The first issue with the new group will appear in February. Frank is a Milwaukee native and has been struck by how closely Lake Barcroft resembles many of the lakes in Wisconsin. A newspaperman, he retired in June, 2000, after 40 years-the last 30 in Washington-as a reporter for The Milwaukee Journal and its successor newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where he ended up as the Washington bureau chief. Frank served as president of the National Press Club in 1978, president and chairman of the National Press Foundation from 1980 to 1985 (still on the foundation's board), president of the Washington Automotive Press Association in 1987-'88, and as a member and secretary of the Standing Committee of Correspondents-the governing body of the daily press and wire service galleries of the U.S. Congress-in 1975-'76. During his years in Milwaukee and Washington, he covered the 1960s civil rights movement, Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, the White House, politics and national political conventions, the Persian Gulf War in 1990-'91, and many other stories in the United States and overseas. He still writes DriveWays, a weekly automobile column for newspapers around the country. Frank's wife, Sharlene, has been active in the Woman's Club. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren.


PETER BROWNE , his wife and family have lived in the Lake Barcroft community for four and a half years. They have three grown children (one at home) and two grandsons who love to visit Beach Three. Peter's wife Jackie teaches English as a second language in the Fairfax County school system. Peter spent twenty years in the US Navy on ships, in teaching positions and in Program Management. He has been in the field of satellite communications for eighteen years holding positions in sales, operations, engineering and program management. Peter served as President of the Newcomers' Club. He is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from the George Washington University. Peter has served two years as a member of the LBA Board, the first year as a member or the Environmental Quality Committee (EQC) and the second year as the chairman. During this period he has continued the Geese Peace program and sought a balance in treating the beavers in our lake. He initiated a program of installing bat cages at the beaches and community garden to encourage the bat population and reduce the mosquito population that has become a problem with the introduction of the "tiger" mosquitoes in our area. He has started a multi-year program to remove dead trees from the common areas starting at beach five. He has also worked various environmental issues in the Lake.


MAC CANTER has made his home in Lake Barcroft since 1981. He is an attorney (JD, University of Virginia, 1976) who specializes in representing non-profit organizations. His firm, Copilevitz & Canter LLC, has over one hundred tax-exempt clients. Mac earned his bachelor's degree at Randolph-Macon College and master's degrees from Yale and GWU. He belongs to the bars of Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Missouri. He has served on the LBA Board for the past four years and has chaired the association's Legal Committee and helped steer the board through a number of legal and tax related issues, including the formation of the Lake Barcroft Foundation, the Parcel A settlement and other important issues. He seeks re-election to the LBA Board to continue to offer his service to our wonderful community. Mac is married to Rhoda W. Canter, who is a management consultant. They have two daughters, Mary (18) and Eleanor (16), as well as two bichons, Willie (5) and Charlotte (2).


DAVID DALE and his wife, Joann, discovered Lake Barcroft about two years ago while looking to move from McLean. They live on Beachway Drive and have become very involved in the Lake's community activities. David is Vice President of the Newcomer's Club and a member of the Research Committee studying the potential creation of a Lake Barcroft Community Center. Joann is active in the Barcrofter's and the Women's Club. David has an abiding interest in architecture of the Lake and feels that review of remodeling and new construction projects is extremely important to the continuity of the Lake. If elected to the Board he would assist in this area of oversight. David has over 35 years of experience in real estate development and a parallel career in the management and direction of high technology companies and the Federal Government. He has developed over 18 real estate properties in the Washington, DC area, and has directed the management and operations of three separate automation companies, two of which were publicly traded. In his early years, he was in the US Air Force and served for three years as an aide to President Johnson in the White House. David holds an MBA and PhD degrees in management.


DIANE DAVIDSON has always wanted to live on the water.  Growing up in Wisconsin, her fondest childhood memories are of family vacations "Up North" at lake resorts, or of visiting her relatives at their lake cottages.  Her husband, Seth Davidson, grew up in Lake Barcroft and always wanted to own a home "on the water."  Well, two and a half years ago they did it - bought a lakefront home on Pinetree Terrace and are now renovating it.  But Lake Barcroft offers much more than just a beautiful lake, wildlife and recreation - it is a wonderful community that is rare to find in today's fast-paced society, especially in the DC metropolitan area.

Diane has been in the DC area since 1984, practicing communications and corporate law in private practice, at the Federal Communications Commission, Discovery Communications (The DiscoveryChannel), and at The Walt Disney Company. Diane has been very active in the Federal Communications Bar Association, including serving on its Board of Directors for three years.  She was part of a special task force that established the Federal Communications Bar Association Foundation, later serving on its Board of Directors, and also as its Treasurer for one year.  Diane also helped the Duke Club of Washington ("DCW") become the first alumni association to join DC's Partnership in Education program, whereby DCW adopted a DC elementary school and established tutoring, reading, art and other mentoring programs for its students.  Now Diane is "retired" for the time being, overseeing home renovations. Diane has also had time to enjoy meeting Barcroft residents and learning more about the neighborhood, and would like the opportunity to contribute to the community that has become such an important part of her life.



REGINA DERZON Regina Derzon moved to Lake Barcroft in June of 1999 from the suburbs of Nashville, Tennessee. She and husband Jim have two children, Jacob and Katya who attend Sleepy Hollow and Belvedere Elementary schools. Additionally, the family shares their home on Grass Hill Terrace with an Australian Cattledog, 2 cats, an Amazon parrot and assorted fish. They found the Lake Barcroft community while Internet searching the DC area for homes on the water. Regina has worked for non-profit associations for most of her career and is currently a self-employed consultant for Legal Services Corporation and various legal aid programs. She specializes in organizing meetings, reviewing employee benefits, and overall office systems analysis and organization. She has also been a community college business professor (and hopes to be one again once the Virginia budget crisis is over!). She holds degrees in Business Administration, Business Education and Executive Management. She is active in her daughter's Girl Scout Brownie troop and in various volunteer projects at the children's schools. While living in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Regina was actively involved in the construction of a community playground. The large wooden structure was funded and built entirely by the volunteers in the community. She counts this as one of the most rewarding community service projects in which she has been involved. Also, while living in Tennessee, Regina was a board member of the local domestic violence shelter in Sumner County. Since moving to the community, Jim and Regina have been actively involved in the 4th of July fireworks event and boat sticker & removal projects. The Derzons are avid boaters. The family takes a back-country canoe trip each summer the Temagami region of Ontario, Canada. Regina is also a whitewater kayaker and the family can often be found paddling on Lake Barcroft in their soon-to-be-restored circa 1910 B.N. Morris Canoe.


DAVID FELD is currently the Vice President of the Lake Barcroft Association. He is also a past President of the Lake Barcroft Association, a past chairman of the LBA Environmental Quality committee and a past vice president of the Lake Barcroft Newcomers club. Before moving to northern Virginia, he was the Virginia State engineer for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Housing Service. David has a master degree in water resource planning/engineering and served in the US Peace Corps in Kenya. David seeks re-election to the board to continue promotion of expanded recreational opportunities at the Lake, improved access to beaches and the lake and more community-wide events. David supports improved schools and other County services to Lake Barcroft. He actively encourages non-controversial and humane solutions to wildlife conflicts in the community. He supports developing informational materials and incentives for improved environmental quality at Lake Barcroft. David believes that the well being of communities depend upon the active interest and support of its citizens. David is a recognized leader in continuous improvement of government services. He has received the USDA Distinguished Service Award and the "Hammer" award for making government work better and cost less. David is currently President of GeesePeace, a Virginia non-profit organization building better communities through education and humane wildlife management practices and President of FPS Solutions (a software development company).


ROBERT FOSTER has lived in the Lake since 1970. He is a frequent beach-goer and walker in the area of Beach 4. He has been a volunteer in the Community Watch and in the Bailey's School 4 H Club. He is married to Leslie Foster, an attorney, who is a member of the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club. He and his wife have two grown children who graduated from J.E.B. Stuart. Bob was Deputy Commissioner of the Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration, the Executive Director of the Federal Council on the Aging (a Presidential Advisory Committee) and the Director of the American Indian, Migrant and Program Management Branches of the Head Start Bureau in the Department of Health and Human Services. Since retirement, Bob has been a consultant to Head Start, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention of the Department of Justice and to the National Institute on Drug Abuse of the National Institutes of Health and to HUD on drug-prevention in public housing. Bob considers Lake Barcroft home and wants to work to maintain and improve the quality of the community. He has served on the Board for the past five years and has worked to maintain and improve the quality of the beaches and is looking forward to continuing those efforts.


GEORGE McLENNAN and his wife Debra Lee have lived in Lake Barcroft since 1987. He is a consultant specializing in retail website design and marketing. Since joining the LBA Board of Directors two years ago George has been involved in a number of community activities including: chairing the Community Security Committee; participating in the Security & Safety Task Force, which was formed to review the September 2000 drowning and determine what actions could be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future; publishing the 2001 phone directory; establishing the community Internet web site; and setting up Lake Link, the community e-mail forwarding system. Debra designs knitted wear, teaches knitting workshops, and is President of the Capital Crocheters & Knitters, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the education and arts of knitting and crocheting.


RALPH SMALLEY and his wife, Diane and daughter Claire, have lived in Lake Barcroft for twelve years. For the past four years Ralph has served on the Board, and during the past year, as its secretary. His involvement in the community began as an active member and then President of the Newcomer Club. After Justice Thurgood Marshall's death, Ralph founded the Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund, which is now established as an endowment with over $60,0000, enough to award a significant scholarship every year to a graduating senior from JEB Stuart High School. During the past two years Ralph has chaired the LBA "Community Innovations" committee, which represents the Board's efforts to address larger issues in the community. In what would be his final two years on the Board, Ralph is interested in helping to develop a community consensus relating to three new ("innovative") concepts which recently were introduced and approved by the Board: first, an examination of ways that LBA and the WID can improve effectiveness and responsiveness to the community through closer organizational ties and support; second, the Board's encouragement of more activities for its members, especially seniors and teens and (c) the possible development of a community center (building). Says Ralph, "We are a wonderful, fifty-years old community; with traditions established many years ago by residents with vision and enthusiasm. But as times and needs change we should ask ourselves "are we continuing to be the kind of community we want to be?" Professionally, Ralph has worked for over twenty-five years in governmental consulting and private development. He holds master degrees in Public Administration and Urban Planning and a doctorate in Urban Studies.


PETE WALKER and his family have been residents of Lake Barcroft since 1981. His wife, Anne, a past president of the Lake Barcroft Woman's Club, has a PhD in linguistics and presents seminars to people in the juvenile justice system on how to question children involved with the legal system. They have three grown children, two daughters in the local area (one of whom is a graduate of JEB Stuart) and a son who is a retired naval aviator now working in San Diego. Pete is a Naval Academy graduate who served in the Navy for twenty-seven years. During his career, he commanded two ships and served in the American Embassy in Tokyo. Since retiring he has been employed by several firms providing services in the areas of ship repair, electronic commerce, and the environment. Pete is now serving as chairman of the LBA Security Committee. Previously, he was appointed to the Lake Barcroft Community Association to complete the term of a member who left the Lake. Pete's vision for Lake Barcroft is that it remain a quiet and secure neighborhood where residents can enjoy living in the "best kept secret in Northern Virginia". He also wants to insure that the community continues to maintain good relations with surrounding communities and with local governmental agencies.


KAREN WEHNER : Avid gardeners and do-it-yourselfers, Karen and Jim have put lots of time and energy into remodeling their Blair Road home since moving to Lake Barcroft in 1992. They love the uniqueness of the community and plan to make this their permanent home. Karen recently left the Federal Government, where she was employed for over 23 years as an attorney for the Department of Justice and most recently as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Law Enforcement at the Treasury Department. While at Treasury, she developed strategies to address emerging challenges within existing financial resources and managed a multi-million dollar budget. She now has lots of time and energy to devote to the neighborhood and the community. An innovative thinker and excellent manager, Karen is interested in becoming a member of the board to build on the excellent work that has already been done in maintaining the quality of our neighborhood. She is committed to ensuring that all members of the community are informed of current issues, have an opportunity to express their priorities and concerns, and have a voice in the decision making process. While operating within our financial resources, she hopes to find creative means to further enhance and beautify our community.