The Lake Barcroft Board and Committees:


The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) is a homeowner's association and the governing body for the Lake Barcroft community. The LBA Board of Directors consists of 13 directors, elected by the membership of LBA for two-year terms, with a three term limit. 

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Lake Manager's office at 6425 Lakeview Drive. All regular Board meetings begin at 7:30pm and are open to community members.

Director, (term/term expires), Assignments:

Joe Kennedy, (1st term, 2nd year), Legal
Brian Allen, (3rd term, 1st year), Architectural Review Committee
Andrew Casolini Dal Bo (3rd term, 2nd year), Enviornmental Quality/WID Liaison
Amanda Karras, (1st term, 2nd year), Water Safety (Co-Chair)
Michael Monfort, (2nd term, 1st year), Vice President
Diane Weeks, (2nd term, 1st year), Communications & Publications Co-Chair
Sara Franco, (3rd term, 2nd year), Special Events
Alis Wang - (1st term, 1st year), Secretary
Kevin Kampschroer, (3rd term, 2nd year), Treasurer
Brenda Pierce, (1st term, 1st Year)  Community Safety (Chair) Water Safety (Co-Chair)
Sarah Mattingly, (3rd term, 2nd year), Publications & Communications Co-Chair
George Waters, (3rd term, 1st year), Maintenance & Improvements
Janet Kerley (2nd term, 1st year), President

Photos/Election statements of Board members:

Brian Allen

BRIAN ALLEN ran for LBA board to participate in the neighborhood activities and also as a way to get to know and interact with more of our neighbors. He has served on prior neighborhood and community boards and currently serves on the fundraising board for the Annapolis and Anne Arundel Boys and Girls Scholarship Trust organizing the annual fundraising regatta on the Chesapeake Bay beach September. He has participated on advisory boards for the architecture and design industry over the past decade and most recently for the college of architecture at Virginia Tech interacting with the administration and student body. 

Prior experience on community boards provided knowledge and experience with the committee decision making process and consensus building process. His degree is in architecture and interior design and he has an interest in community planning aspects and the project planning process. These prior positions have required organizing committee meetings, community petitions coordination with county and civic organizations as well as planning large events upwards of 200 people.  

His wife Jennifer, one-year-old daughter Grace Elizabeth, and dog Misha have lived in the neighborhood since January 2014.  He has his wife are both architects and designers and we were drawn to the neighborhood because of the unique landscape and features and the eclectic architecture.  When time permits they try to enjoy the beautiful scenery with family walks and paddling on the lake. Other hobbies include sailing, classic cars and in general tinkering around the house.


ANDREW CASOLINI and his wife Melissa moved from a small village in Upstate New York and have lived in Lake Barcroft since 2008. They rented their first home on Pinetree Terrace, and soon fell in love with the neighborhood. They purchased their current home in 2011 on Greentree Drive. You know it’s their house by the soccer goal in front where there are always kids playing.

They have two boys, Maxell and Samuel, who both attend Bailey's Elementary school. Their family loves to participate in all the wonderful offerings of Lake Barcroft, whether its community gatherings or activities centered around the Lake.

Andrew has lived in many different places across the U.S., including Los Angeles and New Jersey. Ultimately, he moved to Buffalo, following his parents after graduating from Lehigh University, and started working immediately on environmental issues affecting drinking water. He is a licensed professional engineer who specializes in water, stormwater, wastewater infrastructure, and environmental solutions. His work focuses on improving the built environment by integrating it into the natural environment. He looks forward to donating his skill sets to the support his community and being a steward of the environment. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Wendel Companies, an architecture, engineering and construction firm that specializes in transit, energy, water and wastewater infrastructure. In addition, he has also held a board position for approximately eight years for the nonprofit Western New York Water Work Conference. He is very active in local issues affecting the neighborhood, including Bailey's overcrowding, which led to the construction of Bailey's Upper School. He has participated in the public sessions of the Seven Corners Task Force and public meetings around the sewer overflow issues in the spring and summer of 2014.


AMANDA KARRAS and her husband John moved to Lake Barcroft in 2013 and they have happily lived here since then with their two small children (ages 4 and 2), a dog, and a cat.  Amanda grew up in a nearby Maryland suburb and moved to New England for fifteen years where she spent most weekends hiking or snowboarding in the White Mountains.  Amanda went to law school in Boston, and after graduating, she practiced employment law and commercial litigation before moving back down to the DC area to be closer to family. Although Amanda grew up close by, she had never heard of Lake Barcroft.  Amanda and John stumbled across the neighborhood by happenstance and they immediately fell in love with its natural beauty and the welcoming community.  Amanda enjoys all of the family friendly and community-oriented events this neighborhood provides and loves to spend time at the lake. 

Amanda is the Deputy General Counsel of the International Municipal Lawyers Association, a non-profit member organization for city and county attorneys.  In that capacity, she advocates on behalf of local governments at the United States Supreme Court and in state and federal appellate courts around the country and also provides educational services to local government attorneys.  

Amanda spent a couple of years helping get the playground approved for Lake Barcroft.  This was a time-consuming, but very rewarding project.  Amanda was elected to the Board in 2019 and was appointed the Water Safety Chair.  


DIANE WEEKS: We moved to Lake Barcroft in 1994 from Capitol Hill. We didn’t know much about the neighborhood at the time but soon realized it was the best move we could have possibly made. We were surrounded by involved, friendly neighbors who have become life-long friends. Both my daughter Madeline and son Henry especially thrived in the carefree outdoor-oriented environment. They both went through Belvedere, Glasgow and Stuart and had a great experience and solid education. While they were in school, I was very involved with the PTSA, athletic boosters and fundraising.

I am a member of the Woman’s Club and was on the Lake Barcroft Board for two years. I’ve been involved with GeesePeace and our dog Scout was trained and is now the Lake Barcroft GeesePeace dog. And then there’s Section 1’s busy social calendar of beach barbeques, happy hours, Oktoberfests and other random events like ‘it just snowed three feet so let’s meet at Beach 1 and have hot cider.’

I worked in publishing for 30 years and am now working in the computer security field. I’ve always admired the volunteer spirit of Lake Barcroft and now that I have more time, I look forward to the chance to participate as a Board member and serve the community that has given my family so much. 


MICHAEL MONTFORT: My wonderful wife Chris and I have lived in Lake Barcroft since 2002. Two years ago, we moved to our second Lake Barcroft home. We’ve raised two children and one hamster here. Through the years, we have all enjoyed the Lake, the friendly neighbors, the tranquil environment, and all the other things that go into making Lake Barcroft such a nice place to live. I’d like to serve on the Board to contribute to strengthening this special community.

My interests include local government issues relating to the Lake and the surrounding community, including schools, traffic and pedestrian access. I’m also interested in outreach for Lake Barcroft volunteer and social activities.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y. and my wife, Chris, was born in Taiwan. An aspect of Lake Barcroft we both value is the tolerance and fairness among the people we’ve met here. I hope to continue that community spirit on the Board.

I was introduced to Lake Barcroft through relatives. When it was time to buy a home, and settle down we knew Lake Barcroft was the place. I work as an attorney with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati and previously served in the national tax office at Ernst & Young. I believe my legal and tax background may be helpful in dealing with issues that come before the Board. Personally, I enjoy cycling, scouting and sports activities with my children and church activities.


SARA FRANCO and her husband, Joe, were lucky enough to discover Lake Barcroft while looking for their first home in 2000. They have lived in that same house on Beachway Drive and have since added two kids (Josh, 10, and Julia, 7). Sara loves this community – it’s so unique and has been a wonderful place to raise their kids. To keep growing and maintaining such a wonderful community as Lake Barcroft, Sara feels strongly that people need to step up and help out. Now that their kids are older, she has more time to do just that. One of the main ways she’s contributed to the community is by starting a neighborhood playgroup 10 years ago. Back then we created an email group, which is still very active – sharing resources, buying/ selling items and suggesting outings with the kids. It has now grown to more than 100 mostly Lake families. She also coordinates a Halloween and a holiday gathering where the kids can play and the adults can chat. They also have monthly Mom’s Nights. It’s been a great way to foster a tighter community within the families of Lake Barcroft. Sara has also been helping Shane Oleson with the new Lake Barcroft website. As a long-time technical project manager and former business owner, she feels both her organizational and communication skills would be an asset to the board – gathering feedback from groups such as the parent group, and sharing the feedback with the board and helping move any approved projects forward.


ALIS WANG - Alis moved to Lake Barcroft in 2015 after being drawn to the woodsy neighborhood and beautiful lake. She ran for the LBA Board to get more involved with the neighborhood and to continue making Lake Barcroft a great place to live. This term, she is serving as Secretary and Chair of the Membership Committee, as well as the point of contact for External Affairs issues. Alis is also a member of the Fairfax County Human Services Council, a volunteer with the Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and a Board Member of the Bailey’s Crossroads Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation (BC7RC). She is looking forward to serving the community!


KEVIN KAMPSCHROER had lived in Lake Barcroft since September 1991. He had known about the community since the 1960s, because his mother wanted to live here—and she eventually got her wish when his parents moved in during their later years. He lives on Waterway Drive, in a home that his wife, Tacie, and he renovated in two phases from 2003 to 2010. On weekends when the weather is nice, you can see them enjoying the neighborhood while eating breakfast and reading the New York Times on the front patio.

Their daughter Erin grew up here and has recently moved back after eight years on the West Coast. For many years he’s been involved in Lake Barcroft activities. He’s volunteered for many years on the Fireworks Committee, and particularly enjoy the community spirit that brings so many volunteers down to the beach in all kinds of weather – even the year July 4th came after four days of no electricity following the Derecho. He led the Waterway Drive Traffic Calming Task Force, which worked for several years to achieve a community-approved compromise solution to reduce speeding on Waterway Drive and he served for a short time on the Architectural Review Committee. One of the things he remembers most is how many neighbors stopped and helped his elderly father, who occasionally had fainting spells when he was out on his walks. The number of people who stopped and waited for him to recover or called the local Bailey’s Volunteer Fire Department medics—that was wonderful community caring.


BRENDA PIERCE - Brenda Pierce and her husband, Dan Ballew, moved to Lake Barcroft from Arlington about three years ago.  We were immediately impressed by the community spirit of LB.  Though we loved our neighbors in Arlington, Lake Barcroft was an order of magnitude more welcoming, more inclusive, and more organized than anywhere else we've lived.  We immediately joined the Newcomers Club, participated in various LB events, including volunteering at a number of gatherings, such as Community Night Out.  I am impressed by the sense of community here, in the truest sense of the word - from the Village, which supports folks staying in their homes as long as possible, to every conceivable social event.  Because this community has become so special to us, I felt it was time to take on more, and serving on the Board seemed like a good way to do that and give back.

I am recently retired from 35 years of service with the Federal Government.  I was a scientist for many years, and then moved to science management, which included communication and outreach, both domestically and internationally.  I had the good fortune to work at the U.S. Geological Survey, the National Park Service and ending my career as Director of International Affairs at NOAA.  Since retiring, I started my own business, which focuses on antiques and vintage goods, and transitioning families or individuals to the next phase of their lives by helping them downsize, reorganize, or just take stock of what they have and where they want to be.


Sarah MattinglySARAH MATTINGLY  - My husband Matt and I moved to Lake Barcroft in August of 2012. I was born in Miami, FL and have lived in Northern Virginia since 1988.  I began my career in television news, but have spent more than 20 years working in the IT industry for several organizations/companies, including The American Red Cross and IBM. I currently work for ESCgov, a finance company and technology reseller, specializing in government IT projects.  I also own a part-time photography business.

When we moved to Lake Barcroft, I joined several clubs and for several years, coordinated the Newcomer’s Chili Cookoff.  I believe strongly in community participation and while we don’t have children, I have advocated for fully funding our schools.  In 2015, I was appointed to represent Mason District on the Fairfax County Public Schools Budget Task Force.

I was first elected to the Board in 2015 and I served as Chair of the Membership Committee.  In 2016, I became Chair of the Communications and Publications Committee and worked with generous volunteers to publish our latest print directory.  In December 2017, we launched the new Lake Barcroft website.  This year, I am Co-Chair of the Communications and Publications committee and have been working to improve our new website and have shared newsletter and other committee responsibilities with Co-Chair, Diane Weeks.  Lake Barcroft has successive term limits for its Board members and this will be the last consecutive term I can serve.  I hope to work to strengthen our communications strategies, explore new technology and ways to share information with our residents and continue to improve the user friendliness and usefulness of our website.  


George Waters

GEORGE WATERS and his wife Cindy, together with then four year old daughter Caitlin, moved to Lake Barcroft 20 years ago and he looks back on that move as a wonderful life-changing decision.  He was initially elected to the Board in 1997 and served  for six consecutive years as allowed by the LBA By-Laws including terms as Environmental Committee Chair, Membership Chair and President.  

During his term as President perhaps the most contentious issue faced by the Association in decades was the development of Parcel A where the defunct Lake Barcroft Recreation Association’s tennis court and pool were located.  With the help of seasoned Board members, he oversaw and helped negotiate the agreement that was eventually reached which required compromise and understanding of stridently held views of opposing sides.  

After being term limited, he volunteered to chair the ad hoc Traffic Committee for a number of years.  That committee’s work led to the installation of four new consensus based stop signs and the rejection of an equal number where there was not consensus.   George was subsequently asked to serve as Co-Chair of the Maintenance and Improvements Committee.  

Following in the footsteps of his hero and mentor, the late Ernie Rauth who chaired the M&I Committee for decades, George accepted this assignment and began an aggressive repair and construction campaign creating a large cadre of volunteer carpenters who built new boat racks, railings on Lakeview Drive, and a total renovation of the Woman’s Club Bridge (credit for the ramp there goes to the WID) among other projects while also overseeing LBA’s hired landscaping crew and other contractors.  


JOE KENNEDY - My wife, Jeanette, and I came to Lake Barcroft over eight years ago to start a family.  We now have a boy and a girl.  We first found out about the Lake through meetings of the Hawaii State Society at the home of Tom and Trippi Penland.  Two years ago we and some neighbors started an annual block party for our end of Beachway Drive.  Our favorite activity is taking friends out on the lake.  We get great pleasure in giving them this experience.

I have worked on public policy issues as both an economist and an attorney for over 30 years.  Some of my past jobs include General Counsel for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and Chief Economist for the Department of Commerce.  I currently work half-time for the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, where I am a Senior Fellow.  I also do consulting work on various projects.

I have had some experience helping run organizations.  I served on the Condominium Board of Windgate Villate III in Shirlington for several years, including roughly four as President.  During that time, the community had to replace all of its roofs and outside plumbing due to faulty materials in the original construction.  I also served for six years, two as president, for a local homeless shelter, now known as Bridges to Independence.  During my time as president, we undertook a search to replace the retiring executive director and began the initial efforts at what turned out to be a new building and expanded space.

Jeanette and I intend to live here another 30 years.  During that time I hope to help the community improve and grow into a stronger, closer neighborhood that can serve as a model to others.


JANET KERLEY: I moved to Lake Barcroft in 2003 from “up the street” on Oakwood Drive. I was intrigued by the sailboats on the street signs nearby and after exploring the Lake Barcroft neighborhood, moved six blocks to Tallwood Terrace. The community offered this Foreign Service family an anchor where my children and grandchildren could enjoy kayaking, swimming and family time. I immediately became involved in community activities when Shirley Timashev asked me to take on running the Ice Cream Social which I did for nine years, with Charlotte Flounders joining to co-chair the event. The Ice Cream Social became a family affair with my daughter and grandsons volunteering year after year and making fast friends. It also introduced me quickly to the wide range of people who make up this unique community.

I write the Milestones Column in the Lake Barcroft Newsletter to spotlight our talented neighbors, especially our youngest achievers. This year I began working with Nuril Kingsley and others on the dinners and dialogue about diversity in Lake Barcroft. Recently I helped the founders of the Barcroft Families for Playground Awesomeness (BAFAPA) connect with resourceful Lake Barcroft people who could support their cause. (Please add toys for grandparents in the playground, Jon). I helped with membership at the start of the Lake Barcroft Village and this fall I worked with Ron Karpick in conducting the second annual survey of the LBV members.

In my non-Lake Barcroft time, I work full time in international development. I was a federal employee with the US Agency for International Development and Peace Corps. Now retired from government, I continue to work with a management consulting firm on programs around the world. I have worked for the community in many ways, always with the goal of helping connect neighbors to create a cohesive supportive community and if elected to the Board, would continue to work on this goal.