Beach Party Rules and Information on Reserving Lake Barcroft Property

Specific Rules for Use of Beaches for Gatherings and Information on Reserving Lake Barcroft Property

 Application for use of Lake Barcroft Property for a Private Gathering can be found here.

1. Gatherings of more than the permissible number of persons are permitted on all Lake Barcroft beaches except that (a) gatherings of more than 20 persons are permitted only on Beach 5 and (b) no gatherings on beaches 3 and 4 are permitted on weekends during the period that Fairfax County Public Schools are released for summer vacation.

2. Reservations for gatherings must be made with the Lake Manager and the host must provide his/her name, address, lot number, telephone number, date of gathering, starting and ending time, number of expected persons, beach requested (if less than 20 expected persons) and a description of intended use/activities (e.g., swimming, volleyball) and type of gathering (e.g., school, church, birthday party, wedding). Persons seeking to reserve for a gathering should call the Lake Manager at 703-941-1927 as soon as possible to ascertain availability for the selected date. Gathering applications on the LBA web page should be utilized. 

3. Only persons whose annual fees have been paid in full are permitted to use the beaches for gatherings.

4. A $100 security deposit is required to hold a reservation. Except for cancellations because of inclement weather, the security deposit will be retained if the Lake Manager does not receive notice of gathering cancellation at least two (2) weeks before the date for which a reservation was made.

5. Security deposits will not be returned unless the beach area is left totally free of trash from the gathering (including, but not limited to, all decorations and picnic garbage) and all refuse is removed by the host from the area. Trash may not be left in the containers at the beach or at the street. Grills must be cleaned and ashes removed. “Cleanliness” will be determined by the Water Safety Supervisor, his designee or other LBA agents.

6. Beach 5 gathering hosts should be aware that on occasion electricity will not be available because of conditions that LBA cannot control. All other beaches have NO available electricity hook-ups. 

7. Gatherings of more than 20 persons will be charged as follows: $50 for 21-49 persons; $100 for 50-99 persons and $75 for cleaning of the porta john; $150 for more than 100 persons and $75 for cleaning of the porta john. There is no charge for gatherings for 20 or fewer persons.

8. Any gathering on Beach 5 where ANY swimming is contemplated requires a waterfront trained lifeguard approved by the Water Safety Supervisor at a ratio of one lifeguard for every 20 persons. Hosts must provide for and/or pay for these lifeguards The fee for LBA lifeguards is $20.00 per hour, per lifeguard. Hosts must pay for staffing adjustments at other beaches during the normal beach hours for any gathering in excess of ten (10) persons if swimming is contemplated. Arrangements can be made through the Lake Manager. 

9. Hosts must arrange for an LBA approved lifeguard for ALL gatherings, even gatherings of ten (10) or fewer, at any beach during the pre and post swim season when LBA lifeguards are not normally staffed. A staffing fee will be required. If swimming is not contemplated, the Lake Manager may waive the lifeguard requirement. 

10. No alcohol is permitted at any beach at any time. An exception may apply with advanced consent from the Lake Manager for Beach 5 gatherings. If it is contemplated that alcohol will be served, no swimming is allowed at Beach 5 gatherings for ANY individual of ANY age in attendance. 

11. Arrangements to use the LBA porta johns for off-season gatherings can be made – the charge is the standard service fee of $75

12. A gathering host must be aware that a reservation does NOT give an exclusive right to use the beach, tables, grills or other common property features. Lake Barcroft residents and their guests may not be asked to leave because a gathering is in progress.

13. All payments pursuant to any of the foregoing requirements shall be made in checks payable to LBA, P.O. Box 1085, Falls Church, VA 22041. 

14. Parking for Beach 5 gatherings is limited to the lake side of Waterway and to adjacent side streets, or in the parking area inside the gate by prior arrangement with the Lake Manager. 

15. Hosts anticipating 100 or more persons must employ an off-duty police officer for crowd and traffic control. Arrangements can be made by calling the Lake Manager. 

16. All gatherings must be conducted in compliance with the Fairfax County Noise Ordinance. 

17. Gatherings may not be held outside normal beach hours without prior LBA Board approval.

18. Beaches may not be reserved for money-making or fundraising activities, except with special LBA approval.

19. Hosts of gatherings are encouraged to arrive no more than 30 minutes in advance of their scheduled time to set up equipment. 

All payments pursuant to any of the foregoing requirements must be made in checks payable to LBA. 


As approved by the LBA Board at their December 11, 2019