Lake Barcroft Common Property Rules

Lake Barcroft Common Property Rules

The common properties of Lake Barcroft are owned and managed by Lake Barcroft Association, Inc. (“LBA”), an incorporated membership association of the property-owners in this community. The “common properties” include the lake, the dam, the five beaches, their parking, picnic, park and maintenance areas, the island, the garden areas at beach 5 and the community garden, including the bridge. Supervision and maintenance of these common properties is the responsibility of LBA. The dam area and the silt basins at Beaches 3 and 5 are maintained by the Watershed Improvement District (“WID”) in arrangement with LBA (part of the community garden is owned by the WID). The common properties are operated for the sole use of Lake Barcroft property owners or their tenants who have paid the required annual fees, and for their families and guests. The following rules are intended to make the common properties safe and pleasant for recreational use, to safeguard the rights and privileges of Lake Barcroft property- owners, and to protect the property of LBA. Use of the common properties is always at the user's own risk. See the Beach Conduct Rules, the Beach and Lake Water Safety Rules and the Boating Rules which cover Lake activities.

  • Property owners who have paid the required annual fees are issued personal Lake Barcroft tags identified by Lot Number. The tags identify residents who may use the common property areas. Residents include tenants who have arranged with the property owner for use of the tags. RESIDENTS MAY NOT TRANSFER THEIR BEACH TAGS TO OTHERS OR FOR OTHERS’ USE EXCEPT TO A HOUSE GUEST STAYING IN THE RESIDENT’S PREMISES and identified and recorded as such in advance by the Water Safety Supervisor or his designated agent; and excepted further, a resident may allow a non-resident baby sitter or caregiver to use the resident's beach tag for accompanying Lake Barcroft residents to LBA common properties, including the beaches. Residents may host not more than eight (8) non-resident guests (four (4) per adult resident) in common property areas. Unaccompanied guests are not permitted these privileges except for residents’ house guests staying in the resident’s premises who have been properly identified for beach access. Permission for larger groups and group picnics in any of the common properties must be obtained in advance from the LBA office, subject to the Beach Gathering Rules.

  • A resident who has not paid the required annual fees may not be the guest in the common properties of a resident who has done so.

  • Residents are responsible for the conduct of their dependents and guests in the common property areas and for instructing them in these and other applicable rules.

  • Loud, boisterous or otherwise disorderly conduct is forbidden in the common property areas and may subject offenders to prosecution.

  • Non-residents on common property and not accompanied by a resident are trespassing and may be prosecuted under the law. Police patrols, lifeguards and other LBA agents may ask any persons on the common property for a current beach tag, car tag or boat sticker.

  • Feeding of geese, ducks or other wildlife anywhere on the common properties is forbidden.

  • Glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the beach and park areas. Picnicking is restricted to the designated areas adjacent to the beaches and in the park areas. Refuse must be deposited in the containers provided or removed as required by the lifeguard management.

  • ONLY LEASHED DOGS ARE PERMITTED ON COMMON PROPERTY; no pets are permitted on the sandy areas of the beaches during the period beginning with the Saturday before Memorial Day and Labor Day; and all dogs must be under the control of a resident who cleans up after the animal and disposes of the waste , preferably at his/her house (by flushing or double-bagging and placing in cans for Fairfax County garbage collection).

  • Persons using frozen portions of the Lake for any purpose do so at their own risk.

  • Except when in the immediate accompaniment of his/her own children, any adult who has been convicted of any offense that results in prohibiting proximity to children shall be prohibited from going onto any of Lake Barcroft’s “common properties,” which include the lake, the dam, the five beaches, their parking, picnic, park and maintenance areas, the island, the garden areas at Beach 5 and the Woman’s Club Community Garden, including the bridge. A violation of this rule will result in a trespassing charge filed against the individual.

  • Exceptions to the above rules for specific occasions may be authorized by the Board of Directors of LBA.

  • Responsibility for enforcement of these rules rests with the officials of LBA and their designated agents. Their authority includes the right to limit or deny use of the common properties, confiscate beach tags, and eject unauthorized persons or those breaking LBA’s Common Property Rules. LBA may take legal action against trespassers, persons destroying or defacing LBA property, and persons engaged in any other unlawful activity in the common properties. (All lake residents are encouraged to report noted violations.)

    Revised August 2013