Lake Barcroft Residential Tree Replacement Program is a Winner

Our Lake Barcroft urban forest is aging and increasing numbers of trees are dying each year. The Residential Tree Replacement Program, jointly funded by the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) and the Lake Barcroft Watershed Improvement District (WID), encourages residents to replace mature trees that have recently died on their property. Lake Barcroft won Fairfax County's 2010 'Friend of Trees' Award for this innovative program! 

Why replant? Because the simple act of planting a tree is one of the most important steps in preserving the water quality of our Lake and larger watershed. Our trees act as mini-reservoirs, controlling and absorbing runoff water before it reaches the Lake. All Lake properties drain stormwater directly into the Lake.  A single 24” diameter silver maple soaks up an astonishing 6322 gallons of stormwater per year.  In fact, Fairfax County estimates that the County receives a return of $3.74 for every dollar spent planting and maintaining new trees. Urban trees improve stormwater management by 45%, increase property values by 37%, offset carbon emissions by 25%, and increase energy savings by 14%.  To maintain these benefits, we must replace lost trees!

You can find more information on how trees benefit you at:

When? The LBA-WID Residential Tree Replacement Program provides free 6-8 foot tall trees (and planting) to residents that have recently lost a mature overstory tree.  Announcements are posted in the Newsletter, on the Website, and on Lakelink each year in early summer. Be sure to check for details on available tree species and instructions on how to sign up. 

How? Trees are given away on a first come, first serve basis with a limit of one per property, per year. Residents who have not received a free replacement tree before are given priority. In exchange for this extraordinary service, we encourage residents to make an optional donation to help cover some of the cost of planting the trees and enable to us to expand this program to more residents each year.  Some years we have a wait-list, but due to generous support, so far, we have never had to turn down a request for a residential replacement tree.

Take advantage of this great program, and add beauty and value to your own property while helping to protect the water quality of the Lake.