Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The meeting of the Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by President Sally Determan at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Sally Determan, Warren Russell, Cindy Waters, Jim Kilbourne, Diane Davidson, Eva Kosztarab, Frank Phillippi, Diane Smalley and Betsy Washington. Regina Derzon, Marty Mandelberg, Shane Oleson and Pat Payne were not present.  Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy, Improvements Co-Chair George Waters and lake residents Kevin Howe and Rick Aldrich were also present.

Water Safety Supervisor Kevin Hardy summarized his report, beginning by saying that the season has been business as usual. There has been low use of all five beaches; they are busiest after work. There has, however, been more open water use, especially near Beach 4. Opportunities for training of the lifeguards continue and USLA certification is in progress.  The third and last swimming class has begun.  Currently there is no boating instruction as the instructors are not certified and do not carry their own insurance. Upswing in the number of parties. Report on a “rude” resident at Beach 3. The dock at Beach 4 is an “attractive nuisance” for swimmers; Kevin will work with George Waters on signs. There was minimal damage following the recent derecho; Kevin worked with Davis Grant (WID) to inspect and deal with navigational hazards. Illegal fireworks and swimmers were an issue during the fireworks display on July 4. On July 19, 21 and/or 23 (two out of the three dates), the fire department will be working with the guards and conducting its own drills. Notices will appear on lakelink when confirmed. Almost all incidents this year have occurred outside the ropes. Given the report of low use at beaches, Warren raised the issue of closing or reducing the hours at beaches. Kevin commended the professionalism of the staff this summer and indicated that guards will begin leaving around August 20 for school. He said that he needs 14 guards at minimum to cover the beaches.

The minutes of June 13, 2012 were approved as presented.

The agenda was reviewed and discussion of the Lake Barcroft Village logo was added.


The Board calendar was reviewed.

ENCROACHMENTS: Eva noted that after three attempts, one of the encroachers at Beach 3 has not called back. The issue will ultimately be resolved at settlement. The other violator has called back and discussed the terms of the letter. Eva continues to follow the encroachment at Parcel A and we will eventually be planting at the line. A third encroachment was raised and will be addressed in the future.

APPOINTMENT OF NEW BOARD MEMBER: Sally introduced Rick Aldrich who has agreed to fill Regina Derzon’s remaining term.  He will assume duties at the end of the next Board meeting (August 9). He has further agreed to serve as Chair of the ARC.

ELECTION OF NEW TREASURER: A motion was made by Diane Davidson and seconded by Diane Smalley to elect Jim Kilbourne as Treasurer effective August 9, 2012.  All voted in favor.

ELECTRICITY REPAIR AT BEACH 5: George Waters handed out graphics, prepared by George McLennan, showing the current and proposed design of the electric box at Beach 5. Three of the four items need to be removed from the pole. The question is: is the conduit to the stage to code or not. PVC pipe is to code but the conduit is only 14” underground, not the code requirement of 24”. George will seek three bids; moving the stage box from the front to the back will be included in these bids. Sally suggested having an inspector provide an opinion.

A motion was made by Diane Smalley and seconded by Frank Phillippi to approve an expenditure of up to $7,000 to bring the box up to code or approved by knowledgeable county inspector. Warren Russell and Betsy Washington abstained. All others voted in favor.  Motion passed.

Sally thanked George McLennan and George Waters for their efforts.

DONATION TO THE BAILEY’S CROSSROADS EMT: Sally proposed making a donation to the Bailey’s Crossroads EMT for all of their contributions to the community.  Cindy suggested making an annual donation via a budget line item similar to what we do for the local schools.

A motion was made by Cindy Waters and seconded by Diane Davidson to donate $100 to the Bailey’s Crossroads EMT.  All voted in favor.

REPORT ON ILLEGAL, DANGEROUS FIREWORKS: Sally has sent letters to three residents who were suspected of shooting illegal fireworks during the 4th of July. She has heard back from two – one who indicated he was away from his home and the other admitting fault. It was agreed that next year in June, Sally will send letters to the surrounding neighbors reminding them about this. Chris said she will add it to the Board calendar.

MISREPRESENTATION BY REAL ESTATE AGENTS: A resident realtor has been keeping Sally apprised of MLS listings of properties outside of the community relative to the lake. Sally will contact those realtors who have advertised non-Lake Barcroft properties as being part of our community. She will remind them that outside properties do not have access to lake privileges.

LOGO FOR LAKE BARCROFT VILLAGE: The Lake Barcroft Village requested Board comment on its proposed logo. There were no objections from the Board and Sally will advise the Village Task Force that it can proceed.

Diane Davidson raised the issue of an unkempt property on Beachway.
Diane Smalley asked about location of port-a-johns on properties.

POTENTIAL NEW COMMUNITY ACTIVITY: Kevin Howe proposed a new activity geared to teens and college-aged residents to take place during the summer. The proposal is for a cardboard boat race. Eva has checked with our insurance and it would be covered.

A motion was made by Diane Davidson and seconded by Warren Russell for Kevin to develop a concept.  All voted in favor.


LEGAL: Eva prepared a cost schedule for copies from the office as required by the Virginia POA. Shane will post the schedule to the website. She has been working on insurance issues and has delivered our policies to resident Walter Buzzetta for review. Eva suggested moving oversight of insurance from treasurer to the legal committee.

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY: Betsy reported that the tree replacement program announcement will appear in the July newsletter. Two energy audit parties are coming up.


MAINTENANCE: George Waters reported that the boat rack at Beach 3 has been repaired. New hooks have been placed on the port-a-johns for the locks. Following the recent storms, a few trees were down at Beach 5 and the electric lines that came down across the Beach 3 parking lot have been dealt with. The Beach 5 light by the gazebo is now working.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The 4th of July events were all good. Diane Smalley said that Ralph Petta has once again agreed to chair the Labor Day games. Diane will explore the suggestion of a Battle of the Bands as a possible future event.

SECURITY: A dog walker has been trespassing on Beach 5 but has not been identified. Once he has been, Frank will send a letter. August 1 is National Night Out. No recent reports of vandalism.

TREASURER/FINANCE & AUDIT: Sally reported that Regina will make a presentation on capital expenditures and a preliminary report on the reserve account at the August Board meeting.

COMMUNICATION & PUBLICATIONS: Sally reported for Shane that he will make a presentation at the August Board meeting concerning a website upgrade.

MEMBERSHIP: Cindy reported 3 membership transfers were received in June; 19 lots remain outstanding for payments.

Sally informed the Board that Marty Mandelberg has requested a leave of absence from the Board and that Cindy has agreed to serve as the acting Secretary.

ARC: Jim said four applications have been reviewed. The Committee determined that homes damaged by the storms need not go through ARC approval for repairs as long as they consisted of replacement on the pre-existing structure.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:
Cindy Waters
Acting Secretary