Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

The minutes of October 9, 2013 were approved as corrected.

WID REPORT:  Chuck de Seve presented a report on WID’s operations. Restoration of the dam is proceeding and nearing completion. It is expected to come in at the initial budget of $1.08 million. A catwalk is being built on the face of the dam that will make remaining restoration and future maintenance easier and safer. New lake level sensors will reduce variations in the level of the lake. Some dredging is being done every spring and fall instead of every few years. He gave an update on the progress with the Community Garden Restoration project, including some vandalism of the pond. He described how a dock at Beach 5 had been unmoored and a fire set on it. The WID is working with George Waters regarding riprap at beach 2.


CALENDAR REVIEW:  The calendar was reviewed.

PAVILION NEWSLETTER PIECE:  Warren discussed the recent article that appeared in the NL.  Eva reported on her discussion with our insurance agent who said our premium could go up by an additional $375 - $400 a year if the pavilion were added.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE UPDATE:  Warren encouraged Board members to submit their bios as soon as possible. The January NL will contain the bios and pictures.

RSU COMMITTEE UPDATE:  Warren reported that David Feld held the first meeting of the RSU committee.  The committee talked about zoning, doing a pilot of surrounding neighborhoods and several other issues.  It will decide whether to recommend that the Board take a specific position on the issue with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  The next committee meeting will take place next Sunday.

ARC REVISIONS:  Sally stated that Rick had just distributed the revised rules and would like him to report on it at the December Board meeting.  Rick added that an article will also appear in an upcoming NL.


COMMITTEE FOR COMMUNITY AFFAIRS:  Sally asked the Board to think about whether next year’s board should create a committee on community affairs to monitor developments in Richmond, Fairfax County, and Mason District.

WSS END OF SEASON REPORT:  Pat reported that we had a relatively uneventful swimming season. More people are swimming outside the designated areas. Inclement weather closed the beaches a quarter of the summer days. We hired only four new lifeguards. Kevin Hardy recommended a total of $1,100 in bonuses for some lifeguards.

ELECTRONIC VOTING BYLAW CHANGE:  Eva called attention to the proposed bylaws changes.

2014 BUDGET & FEES:  Jim discussed 3 sets of tables including the current financial statement, the 2014 draft budget and a comparison of actual versus budgeted expenses for 2009 to 2013.  Input from other board members had led to some adjustments from the tables presented at the October meeting.  A discussion took place on whether to pay for a review instead of an audit in some years. The board also discussed how much to increase the budget for security.

A motion was made by Jim and seconded by Diane Smalley to adopt the amended budget for 2014.  All in favor.

Jim recommended that fees for 2014 be kept the same as in 2013 and all agreed.


MAINTENANCE:  Diane Davidson stated how hard George Waters and volunteers had been working on various items such as the bridge and the boat racks. Luis Fernandez had done extensive design work for the bridge.  A recent dinner for volunteers took place. 

ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY:  Delayed at this time.

PUBLICATIONS:  Shane had sent his report electronically to the Board.

WATER SAFETY:  Nothing additional.

SPECIAL EVENTS:  Nothing new.

SECURITY:  Frank reported that off-duty police hired by LBA had made 89 contacts this past summer of which approximately 20 were lake residents.  He would like to increase coverage next year either by more hours a week or by more weeks a year.  He recommended more publicity that all beaches are closed at midnight to everyone, including residents. He added that he is working with the police on the recent fire on the Beach 5 dock.  Eva stated that since the LBA insurance deductible is $1,000, we do not need to file a claim with our company.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Nothing additional.

ARC:  Rick stated that he and Betsy had been working on an article that will appear in the NL regarding beaver fencing.  There recently were 7 submittals and 6 have been approved.

MEMBERSHIP:  Anne reported that 2013 dues for 9 residents remained unpaid, including one for Parcel A.

LEGAL:  Eva reported on communication with a resident with a lawn extending on to Parcel A and a letter sent to clarify the property line.


The Board then went into executive session. It approved a bonus and two year contract for the Lake Manager and a conditional bonus for the water safety supervisor.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 PM. 

Respectfully submitted by

Lee Price, Secretary