Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

On October 8 , 2014 the Board of Directors of LBA met at 7:30 at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Sally Determan, Lee Price, Anne Cullather, Warren Russell, Betsy Washington, Rick Aldrich  Shane Oleson, Eva Kosztarab , Frank Phillipi and Bill Lecos. Directors Pat Payne and Diane Smalley were not in attendance. Also attending the meeting were Chris Lawson, and  George Waters.

Jim Kilbourne opened the meeting with a discussion of the LBA Service Award nomination process.  At the previous board meeting, the board voted on a nomination put forward by Pat Payne, and subsequently the Board discussed the  selection process. Jim asked whether the Board should rescind their vote on that nomination since it was out of synch with the previously defined nomination process.  Bill Lecos offered a motion that the board reconsider its previous vote on a nomination for the LBA Service Award. The motion was seconded and the Board voted unanimously to reconsider its previous vote on the issue.

The minutes to the previous board meeting were discussed and Shane circulated a few revisions.  Eva agreed to research the practice of maintaining official minutes for executive sessions.  Rick suggested that the minutes also reflect the activity reported by the ARC with respect to applications received, processed, approved and rejected.  Eva made a motion to approve the minutes as amended by Shane and Rick, and the Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes.

The minutes to the September 17th special meeting between the LBA Board and the ARC members were reviewed. Sally offered a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Eva.  The minutes were approved unanimously.

The community calendar of events was reviewed and amendments made thereto.

The Board then discussed the ARC guidelines and implementation of the changes proposed at the September 17th meeting.  Eva will circulate an initial list of “maintenance items” that shouldn’t require ARC approval. The Board discussed how the revisions will be communicated to the community, using LakeLink, the newsletter, as well as the scheduled LBA Civic Meeting.  After the Board receives comments from the community it will vote on the recommendations of the ARC.  George Waters raised a question about the provisions related to docks and dock size requirements.

Communications Report
Shane provided a status of various communications projects, including the newsletter, the list serve and the website.  On the newsletter, he has identified two LBA residents to potentially serve as new editors to the newsletter. On the list serve, George McLennan is still reviewing alternative platforms.  Regarding the website, Shane updated the Board regarding on-going discussions with the contractor who needs to complete work on the site.  Shane has requested the firm to provide a firm fix price to complete the project, and they are still refining the requirements that will underpin the price.   As an alternative, Shane has identified two web consultants that could finish the project.  Anne offered a motion to provide Shane the authority to engage in discussions with Keymind staff to operate as independent contractors to complete the website for a firm fixed price previously approved.  Sally seconded the motion.  The motion was approved with the support of everyone in attendance with Shane abstaining from the vote.  Shane concluded his report with a discussion of updating the contractors list. He also indicating he was still in the process of analyzing options for emergency alert communications in the community.

Seven Corners Re-development
Bill  Lecos provided a status of the County’s Task Force work related to the development of Seven Corners.  A separate Task Force is being created to address the development of the Sears property. LBA will schedule a dialogue meeting for our community to discuss the project and solicit community input and concerns. Jim designated Bill Lecos to represent LBA at the meetings of this new task force.

Nominating Committee
Jim previously designated Sally Determan and Warren Russell as Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively of the Nominations Committee to solicit members of the community to run for open Board seats in the February election.  At the meeting, Sally moved for the appointment of the following additional members for the Committee:, Cindy Water, Jody McKitrick, and Melissa Casolini Dal Bo.   The motion was seconded by Shane and passed unanimously. Ten nominees are needed to run for open board seats.

Lee reported that LBA was running at a surplus, with savings in water safety, security and maintenance compared to budgeted amounts.  All board members were requested to provide line-item input to Lee regarding next year’s budget.

JEB Stuart Turf Field
Bill Lecos reported on the effort at Jeb Stuart to raise funds to install a field of artificial turf for their athletic programs.  As part of the revenue generating efforts, the school was proposing  to allow AT&T to lease space on a light pole for cellular equipment. The County planning commission will be hearing the proposal next week, and Bill recommended that LBA President Jim Kilbourne send a support letter to the County.  The project would not impact any homes within the Lake Barcroft community. The Board approved Bill’s recommendation unanimously.

George Waters provided an update on the Gazebo project. George had solicited four bids from contractors to replace the roof on the gazebo.  He accepted the lowest bid, which was for $585.00.  The work will be completed on Monday.

Eva provided background on the need to issue a Quit Claim deed for property at 6323 Beachway Drive.  Eva framed a motion to authorize Jim to sign a Quit Claim deed for 1028-A-1 at 6323 Beachway Drive.  Sally made the motion which was seconded by Frank. The motion passed unanimously.

Warren reported that $250 was received from five lots.  8 lots still have payments outstanding.

Architectural Review Committee
Rick provided the Board with a summary of a number of issues regarding property in the neighborhood:

  1. One owner is grading their property in preparation for the installation of a basketball court.  The county has already approved the project.  ARC has a policy not to release copies of ARC applications,  There is a copyright concern regarding making copies of plats and plans.  Jim and Eva will discuss.
  2. There is a homeowner on Ridgeway who built a fence without ARC approval. An application was filed afterward.  The ARC has asked the homeowner to move the fence 8 feet, and they are awaiting a response.
  3. Signs – There have been complaints about signs being  displayed around the neighborhood; some are political, some are advertizing (“neighborhood kids”), and some are construction signs.  The ARC is requesting Board guidance on how to enforce the rules in the bylaws regarding signs.  Rick, Jim and Eva will discuss and make a recommendation to the Board.

Water Safety
No report this month

Betsy reported that 54 trees had been installed as part of the tree program (42 residential and 12 on common property).

Executive Session
The Board then went into executive session to discuss resolution of a property encroachment issue.

The meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be on November 12th.