Minutes of the Lake Barcroft Association - Board of Directors

On August 12, 2015 the Board of Directors of LBA met at 7:30 at 6425 Lakeview Drive, Falls Church, Virginia.  Those present were LBA Directors Jim Kilbourne, Rick Aldrich, Anne Cullather, Sarah Mattingly, Sara Withers Franco, Bill Lecos, Frank Phillippi, Pat Payne, Betsy Washington and Todd West. Kevin Kampschroer participated by phone; Shane Oleson and Andrew Casolini Dal Bo were absent. Chris Lawson and Kevin Hardy were also present.  Also attending were representatives of the Fairfax County/Mason District Police Department as well as WID representatives Gerry Mendenhall and Davis Grant.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Jim Kilbourne.


The meeting opened with a neighborhood security discussion lead by Officer Moore and PFC Kathleen O’Leary regarding security in the Lake Barcroft Community. The officers indicated that a summary of dispatched calls was available on the departments “my neighborhood app”, as well as on Facebook and the police blog.  They offered to help re-ignite the community watch program in Lake Barcroft, suggesting that LBA could participate in future trainings for a dog-walker neighborhood watch initiative. The officers indicated there have been several trespassing arrests in Lake Barcroft this summer and some marijuana arrests.  Staffing levels were sufficient


Gerry Mendenhall and Davis Grant provided the Board with an update on WID initiatives, including the following items:

  • Recertification of the dam is in progress, and an engineering analysis will be submitted in September;
  • In September, WID will start removal of dredged spoils to Lorton, which will take 2 weeks;
  • Dredging in the coves will begin in September, starting nears Tripps Run;
  • Several trees are down in the Lake near Ridgeway Terrace and Lakeview Terrace; WID will remove them in September;
  • WID tried to cut through the Lily pads and spatter dock that is growing in the lake, with little affect. They are looking for an expert to help determine how to best mitigate and manage the growth of the invasive plant.
  • Jim thanked Davis for his work on seawall issues in the neighborhood.


Kevin Hardy provided the board with an update on the following water safety issues and programs:

  • There was an increase in lake activity in the months of July and August;
  • There were 5 incidents, including 3 water rescue and 2 first-aid; all water rescues were related to guests of residents aged 10-14;
  • Kevin is working with Davis Grant and George Waters on an erosion study; the initial focus is on Beach 4 where the increasing drop-off from the sand ledge is a concern.  They are also looking at water drainage issues and will provide recommendations to the Board;
  • The storage box at Beach 3 was broken into and equipment was tossed in the nearby woods. A set of binoculars was lost which will cost $50 to replace;
  • Beer cans, pot and bullets were found on a beach following some night-time activity;
  • Kevin reported on a recent incident with the outboard motor boat used by the lifeguards. A piston cracked while towing a pontoon boat. The engine was 13 years old and needs to be replaced. Jim had approved the collection of quotes. A Honda 9.9 would cost $2600 and a Honda 15 would cost $2975. The boat itself is 25 years old, and Kevin suggested it might be better to replace the boat at this point and get a larger boat that is more stable.  For a welded aluminum boat, Kevin recommended a 15 horsepower motor. A galvanized trailer for the boat would cost an estimated $700.  Kevin will provide a formal recommendation to the Board, but estimates it will cost $7300 for the boat, motor and trailer.
  • Kevin also noted that the Carolina Skiff used by Geese Peace has a crack in the fiberglass. 
  • Kevin and Todd will work together to complete an asset review and equipment replacement plan, to include boats, rescue boats, storage boxes, backboards, signage and other requirements.
  • Kevin acknowledged lake resident Dr. Susan Martin for providing a prescript for sterile water for wound irrigation.  Kevin is in discussions with Dr. Michael, an emergency pediatrician,  to be a medical director for LBA;
  • Kevin reported that he will be starting to lose staff who will be heading back to school. Mary Mcnutt, Evan Finley, Ainsley Stewart and Mimi Connor will be available.
  • Only 2 people signed up for the lifeguard class, so Kevin cancelled it;
  • Kevin reported that a lifeguard had been offered a bribe for beach access, which the guard declined;
  • Kevin raised a question about drones in Lake Barcroft as a realtor flew a drone over beach 4 to take photos. He noted that it is currently illegal to fly a drone on Lake Barcroft, which is within the no-fly zone designated by the FAA for the Washington DC metropolitan area;
  • Sara Franco suggested there is a need for a multi-use building for Jr. Lifeguard training and to provide a “safe haven” to life guards during a thunder storm as well as storage.  Jim suggested that Kevin, Sara and Andrew meet as a subcommittee to review the concept.


The minutes from the July 8 Board meeting were reviewed and revised. There was discussion of a follow up item related to the Finley’s dock which is used for the JEB Stuart crew, and Rick agreed to draft a letter for Jim to send to the Finleys.  Pat moved to approve the minutes as revised, which was seconded by Frank.  The Board voted unanimously to approve the minutes as revised.


The Board reviewed the calendar of events for the community.  A new event, a Cardboard Boat Race, has been scheduled for 9/13.  The Newcomer’s Club barge party is scheduled for 9/19, which will be a bluegrass and BBQ.  The LBA Civic Affairs meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 21.


Seven Corners - The Comprehensive Plan for 7 Corners was approved by the Fairfax Board of Supervisors by an 8-1 vote.

FCPS Budget – Sarah Mattingly is serving on a Task Force to identify $100 million in cuts for the school budget;

Brooks Place Development – Work has started on the four acre “Woo” property.  Jim met with leadership  of the group opposing the project.  There is an existing law suit by the Malbrook homeowners, who have sought an injunction and possible TRO.  There is a  September 9th hearing on the injunction. Jim will schedule a meeting with VDOT and Penny Gross regarding the traffic routes in an effort to have traffic directed towards Sleepy Hollow Road. Jim also recommended that LBA should focus on the Glavis property, and will provide a written summary on Lakelink.  Bill Lecos emphasized that the project is NOT for the construction of townhouses since it is zoned R-2. The Wu property would be divided into 8 lots.


ARC Article – Jim sent to Marilyn Finley and is waiting to hear back when it will be published in the Lake Barcroft Newsletter.


Traffic Calming – Jake McKitrick raised a concern to the Board regarding the intersection of Waterway and Cavalier Corridor, which is the site of a school bus stop.  VDOT had previously rejected a request for a four-way stop at the intersection.  Kevin Kampschroer agreed to contact Jake to discuss the history of the issue and various options.  The Board could request a 3-way stop and VDOT would consider it. Traffic circle options were also previously reviewed by VDOT, who won’t implement traffic circles on hills.  One option might be to get the school district to move the bus stop to a different location.


Maintenance – Frank continues to work on the beach erosion issues, and noted that the scope of work is increasing, with Beach 4 the worst.  LBA may have to hire contractors if WID resources are otherwise occupied.

ARC – Rick reported on the blighted property at 6140 Beachway. Two ARC members have approached the residents with no contact or response.  ARC hasn’t been able to find or reach the homeowners. Rick also indicated the Committee has received complaints about floating swim platforms in the lake, which he referred to the Water Safety Committee.  He and Andrew will have a conference call.  Finally, a resident had raised an issue to Rick about mattresses and large items not being picked up by the trash service and sitting at the curbs. He referred the issue to the Security Committee.  Rick indicated that the ARC Committee has received 14 applications, approved 7 and 7 were pending.

Water Safety – Andrew was absent.

Events – Sara Franco Reported that the cardboard boat race was scheduled for September 13. There will be $72 cost for lifeguards and she will order community signs from buildasign.com.  For movie night, it will cost $550 to rent a screen. She would like to make it a monthly event.  She will talk with Todd about the budget and will discuss whether we should be collecting donations to defray the costs.

Communications – Shane was absent.

Security – Kevin had nothing further to report.

Environmental –  Betsy reported that Katherine Edwards, the Fairfax County Wildlife biologist, toured the lake.  There was not a lot of new beaver activity noted.  Cameras have been installed at beaches 3 and 5 to collect data. Betsy is also meeting with Suzanne Foster, the County Watershed/Flood Plain landscape architect, to review plans for a natural habitat on Dearborn.  She also mentioned that Kay Kory has raised objections to the DEQ-County consent order regarding last year’s sewer spill, indicating that the language was not clear. Betsy will circulate the related correspondence.

Membership – Sarah Mattingly reported that an additional $350 has been collected.  13 lots remain upaid, which she will call. A total of 1032 homeowners have paid for this year. 

Legal – Pat updated the Board on the quitclaim deed for 6323 Beachway, which had been rejected when  filed with the County.  Pat has had discussions with the County, which thinks they may have over-reacted. Pat will send the County a letter providing and explanation of the issue.  Pat also noted that LBA should issue a notice to remind neighbors to place boat stickers on their boats.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00

Respectfully Submitted by Anne Cullather, Secretary