Lake Maker Fair

Sep 20, 2020 - 03:00pm
A few details:
- What is a Maker Fair?  Essentially it's anything that you made (or are making) - could be art, music, a robot, a Lego, an outside Rube Goldberg machine, furniture, etc.
- Participants will be showcasing their items during the 3-5 timeframe on Sun 9/20
- This is a social distanced event, so if there are already people at the display, please wait until there is room (6 ft apart) and please wear a mask when at the display.
- Items can be for sale! We already have some food, jewelry, and other crafts that could  be bought as part of the Maker Fair, so bringing money would be a good idea.
- No age or craft limitations - kids can display their Lego creations, art work, etc. Entries so far are wonderfully varied and include: Rube Goldberg machine, microgreens, music, food, handmade dolls, art, jewelry, remote control airplanes, etc.
Maps will be on LakeLink on Friday