Diesel Fuel Spill in Merrifield - March 21, 2019

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 11:17 -- Sarah M. previously

Yesterday morning there was a diesel fuel spill in the Merrifield area that has reportedly resulted in some amount getting into the ground and into the Holmes Run stream.  The LBWID and LBA are communicating with local and state officials to get more specific information about the spill and what remedial actions have been implemented.  As we get more information, we will share it with the community. 

Not to make light of the situation, the tremendous amount of rain that we experienced yesterday will greatly assist with minimizing any potential environmental or hazardous impacts to Lake Barcroft.  Y esterday we had approximately 150 million gallons of storm water flow through the lake and over the dam.  This amount of storm water will greatly dilute any of the fuel that may have gotten into the lake as well as flush it through the lake.   

Again, as we learn more information about the spill and the remedial efforts we will let you know.

Please feel free to contact Davis Grant in the WID office with questions or concerns.