The Board of Directors 2008

The Lake Barcroft Association (LBA) is a homeowner's association and the governing body for the Lake Barcroft community. The LBA Board of Directors consists of 13 directors, elected by the membership of LBA for two-year terms, with a three term limit.
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Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Lake Manager's office at 6425 Lakeview Drive. All regular Board meetings begin at 7:30pm and are open to community members.

Director, (term/term expires), assignments:

Mark Cavich, (2ndt term/Feb'10), Publications
Stuart Feldstein, (2nd term/Feb'09), Legal
David Goslin, (3rd term/Feb'10), Vice President
Joel Gregorio, (1st term/Feb'10), Membership
Bill Herz, (2nd term/Feb'10), Environmental Quality
Kevin Howe, (3rd term/Feb'10), Architectural Review
Steve Klein, (2nd term/Feb'10), Improvements
Lisa Levine, (1st term/Feb'09), Special Events
Jerry Mendenhall, (2nd term/Feb'10), Treasurer, Finance/Audit
Joe Pisciotta, (1st term/Feb'09), Water Safety/Beach
Kimberly Smith, (1st term/Feb'10), Secretary
Cindy Waters, (1st term/Feb'09), President

Photos/Election statements of Board members:


MARK CAVICH is a second generation Barcrofter who, after living in Maryland for 10 years, knew he had to return to its tree-lined shores. While living in his parents’ home on Duff Drive, Mark attended Baileys, Glasgow, Gonzaga, George Mason and the Corcoran College of Art & Design. When he is not fishing or otherwise enjoying the lake with his wife, Dominique, and three daughters, Mark chairs the LBA Publications Committee. During the past two years as Publications Chairman, Mark acted as the catalyst for the redesign and relaunch of the new website. With the help of indispensable community volunteers, he coordinated the design and production of the new 2007-2009 LBA Directories. Under Mark’s leadership, the LBA Newsletter will also be undergoing changes to its editorial and production staff, beginning with the February 2008 issue.

In his professional life, Mark Co-Principal of Cavich Creative LLC. Over the past twelve years, Mark has produced and art directed numerous award winning magazines, web sites and ad campaigns.



STUART FELDSTEIN has recently retired from a 40-year career as an attorney in Washington. His path took him from the Federal Communications Commission, to General Counsel of the National Cable Television Association, to senior partner in a communications law firm. Since his retirement he has taken on an increasing number of volunteer activities. He supervises a children's chess club and teaches beginning computer skills to adults at Woodrow Wilson Library. He is active at his Alexandria synagogue, currently serving as chairman of the budget committee. Stuart is also doing pro bono legal work for a non-profit consortium of international conflict resolution organizations. (Could there be a need for conflict resolution in Lake Barcroft?!) Stuart and his wife Ellen, the associate editor of the Lake Barcroft Newsletter, moved to the community in 1972 - just five weeks before Agnes took away the Lake. Their children Dan and Karen attended Belvedere, Glasgow and Stuart.


DAVID GOSLIN and his wife, Nancy McGirr, moved to Lake Barcroft in 1989. He is completing his second two-year term on the LBA Board: the first as President and most recently as Vice President. A sociologist by training, he retired from his most recent position after 14 years as President and CEO of the American Institutes for Research in 2001. He serves on several non-profit Boards and was a member of the LBA Board from 1994 to 2000 and President of the Board from 1996 to 1998. During his previous tenure on the LBA Board he helped design a community survey that revealed, among other things, the demographic changes that have characterized the community in recent years and the commitment of LBA members to their community. Dave shares this commitment and believes that the highest priorities for the LBA Board must continue to be the health of the lake, improvement of the community's shared resources, and security. Dave and Nancy have two teenage sons, one now at the University of Virginia and the other at JEB Stuart High School. They are especially enthusiastic about the opportunities this area offers for the academic, social, and cultural development of its young people. All members of the family make extensive use of the lake: swimming regularly, fishing, boating, and windsurfing. Son David refurbished the nature trail at Beach 5 for his Eagle Scout service project in 2006. David Sr.’s latest book – Tee to Green: A Guide to Golf After 50 – was published in December.


JOEL GREGORIO and his partner, Joe Pelican, moved to Lake Barcroft in 2003 after learning about this wonderful neighborhood through friends living in the community. Shortly after relocating here, Joel got to know a number of people in the community who share his interest in gardening by hosting a gardening class on hydrangea propagation. Since that time, Joel volunteered at a number of Lake Barcroft community gardening events. When not working in his yard. Joel enjoys lazy summer days slowly pontooning around the lake with his dogs and spending quiet winter days reading while overlooking the lake.

After completing a 13-year career as an Air Force officer, Joel has worked in the DC high-tech information technology industry for the past 20 years for such notable companies as Booz Allen, Boeing and SAIC, specializing in Government technology support contracts.

Joel is the Lake Barcroft Newsletter photo editor and for the past two years he has also managed the newsletter photo contest that he established to encourage his neighbors to search out and document the wonderful sites and events around our community. Joel also serves on the Architectural Review Committee where he works towards preservation of the beauty of the lake and our unique community while allowing for modernization of homes..


BILL HERZ moved to Lake Barcroft in 2002 with his wife, Christy, and their two children. Bill will be serving his second term if reelected this year. He has been the environmental chair and has been assisting in efforts including Geesepeace; lake bacteria levels, beaver management including tree and shrub protection, land use planning, and risk management concerning proposed County dam regulations. Bill looks forward to working with the County and the Watershed Improvement District (WID) to ensure that if new regulations are enacted; they are fair to both upstream and downstream residents and reflect the topographical realities of Fairfax county.
An environmental scientist, Bill has a B.S. in biology from Cornell University and a Masters of Public Health in environmental and occupational science from George Washington University. Most recently, he is Vice President, Scientific Programs for The Fertilizer Institute, where he manages research and stewardship of water quality issues and often interacts with state and federal regulators. He currently serves on an EPA Science Advisory Board (SAB) panel which is assessing the risks of reactive nitrogen species in the environment. As a board member, he will continue to work to preserve and enhance our natural surroundings and promote cost-effective management of LBA resources. Bill understands that the board must operate from a consensus-based perspective; he believes the existing board team works effectively together, and he will listen to all community members willing to contribute to an issue. Bill and Christy have been delighted with the warmth and generosity of Lake Barcroft residents as well as with the neighborhood's natural environment; Bill can often be found kayaking on the lake, wondering what he would be doing if he lived elsewhere.


KEVIN HOWE is presently a Board member and Chair of the Lake Barcroft Architectural Review Committee. While on the Board, he was responsible for a Fairfax Water grant of $4,900 toward the establishment of the Beach 5 RPA Demonstration Garden and is one of the three major planners of the RPA Garden (with Betsy Washington and George McLennan). Growing up surfing, rock climbing and backpacking in California, he never thought the eastern US could be a place he would live - times change. Drawn to the Lake for the incredible natural beauty of the Barcroft community (nature and people) and the ability to kayak every day, he moved here several years ago with his wife, Betsy Washington and their son Joshua. Academically, he has graduate degrees in Biology and has taught and done ecological research at EPA and various universities in the US before coming to the Smithsonian Institution to do research. Then after several years as a teacher and researcher, he took a major career shift to construction and he now owns a construction company named after his dog (now deceased). He also teaches kayaking and leads kayak trips for L.L. Bean. Betsy, also educated as a Biologist, took a career change into Landscape Design (she has her own firm) and teaches in the graduate Landscape Design program at George Washington University. Aside from work and when not kayaking on the Lake, he may be off whitewater kayaking, cross country skiing, snowboarding, climbing snowy mountains or some other extreme quest. Kevin wishes to continue as a member of the Board to give something back to this great community and assist in maintaining and enhancing the appreciation for its natural beauty.


STEVE KLEIN and his wife, Burma, have lived in Lake Barcroft since 1981. In 1993, they realized their dream and moved to a lakefront home. Burma is active in the Lake Barcroft Woman’s Club and is an associate broker with Re/Max Allegiance Realty. Steve has an MBA from the University of Chicago, and is employed by the Center for Naval Analyses, where he specializes in the areas of cost analyses, program planning and program management for the U.S. Marine Corps. During his first term on the board, Steve has served as chairperson of the Improvements Committee, responsible for coordinating the maintenance and improvement of the Lake’s common areas.



LISA LEVINE her husband Ralph Petta and boys Cole and Zach, moved to Lake Barcroft in 2002. They enjoy kayaking, boating, swimming, running, and socializing with their wonderful neighbors. Lisa just completed a 2-year term as Newcomers’ Club president. During her tenure, the club witnessed its largest membership ever and is in the best financial situation in its history. Monthly events were held, and more than $1,200 was raised to donate to the Katrina relief effort. Lisa will chair next year’s Hoop It Up Night at Glasgow, and volunteers at Sleepy Hollow. Lisa is employed as Executive Director of a nonprofit foundation where she is challenged to raise funds and identify research worthy of grant funding. Previously, as Executive Director of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter of the Community Associations Institute, she prepared and delivered testimony to the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. legislatures on behalf of community associations. Lisa looks forward to serving the community on the LBA Board.


GERALD (Jerry) MENDENHALL is presently treasurer of the Lake Barcroft Association. He first moved to Lake Barcroft in 1977. He married Randa in 1980, and they lived here until 1983 when business moved them to Westchester County, New York. At the first opportunity they returned to Lake Barcroft, and they have lived here since 1988. He first served on the board as chairman of the Maintenance and Improvements committee which provided first-hand knowledge of the tasks and associated costs required to maintain the LBA’s property. Jerry is now completing his second year as treasurer. He has instituted programs to take advantage of electronic banking, to improve LBA’s accounting practices, and to prepare for an audit of LBA’s financial statements. Jerry was a general partner in a large international accounting and consulting firm, and, since 1986 he has managed his own consulting practice specializing in improving operations and organizations. He is a Mechanical Engineer (Purdue University) with an MBA (University of Chicago) and a Certified Public Accountant (no longer active). Randa is a licensed tour guide of Washington, DC, and she is active with several community groups. Randa and Jerry continue to renovate their Mansfield Road home and plan to spend their retirement there. He wants to continue to serve the community to help retain the special character of Lake Barcroft.

JOE PISCIOTTA JOE PISCIOTTA, his wife Aileen and son Nick have been active Lake Barcroft residents since 1991. Joe has proven to be an inveterate leader and organizer, serving as past Newcomers’ Club membership chairman and president, as well as “Santa” for the gift exchange and organizer of the Labor Day Games for 10 years. With advanced degrees in education and administration, Joe was a history teacher, soccer coach, director of intramurals and a faculty leader at T.C. Williams High School for 30 years. As an entrepreneur, he has established one foundation and two companies and is currently president of American Spirit LLC. He is also an amateur photographer whose 9/11 photographs were shown at the Corcoran. He believes that a healthy Lake, active volunteers, social camaraderie and communication are the lifeblood of our unique community, and will work to sustain them as we gain new neighbors and address new issues.


KIMBERLY SMITH: I moved to the lake with my partner, Kim Mills, in 2005 and I believe that we have settled in the best community in the D.C. metro area. We have, lucked into not just the lake, but the incredibly welcoming and inclusive neighbors who make up Lake Barcroft. I am passionately interested in the environment and an avid nature-watcher (logging more than 60 bird species around the lake so far and a life list of hundreds of bird species around the world). I sponsor a girls’ softball team and I am active in the Newcomers Club (having served as a judge of the Beach Day Sand Castle competition and for the first Festive Home Holiday Lights contest). I also participated in the planting of the Beach 5 RPA garden. I make extensive use of the lake (“pontootling,” canoeing and swimming regularly), and delight in watching the wildlife. On the professional side, I spent 20 years in the high-tech field, specializing in managing large-scale programs and organizational turnarounds. I now enjoy the creative aspects of professional landscape design. I am using these creative and management skills as we renovate our home on Waterway Drive. After so many kind and generous people have welcomed us into the community, I would like to give back by serving on the LBA Board. There are three general areas where I would offer strong contributions: 1) helping to preserve the character of Lake Barcroft, both in terms of the nature (water, trees and wildlife) and its distinctive, eclectic architecture; 2) working to retain the unique social and cultural aspects of Lake Barcroft, and, 3) enhancing the safety of both the lakeside and street-side “waterways” by helping to institute methods to quell the hastening speed at which drivers travel. I am chairing the effort to reduce the speeding and the number of accidents on and around Waterway Drive. To those ends, I look forward to reviving the board’s Civic/External Affairs Committee to work with the county and the local high schools to reduce traffic and speeding on our streets as well as working with the Environmental Quality Committee on external matters of concern to the lake and the Lake Barcroft community, especially after the deluge of debris washed into the lake during the June/July 2006 rains. I also look forward to resuming my stone-sculpting hobby now that my studio is complete.


CINDY WATERS, husband George and daughter Caitlin have lived in Lake Barcroft for 11 years. Cindy retired from the federal government in 2003 after serving almost 30 years, most of it in the Capitol Hill office of then-Senator Bill Cohen. Since retiring, Cindy has been president of the PTAs at Belvedere and Glasgow. She was president of the Woman’s Club and is now its program chair. With a B.S. in child development and family relations from Cornell, and continued interest in education issues, she serves on and was recently elected chair of the FCPS Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee. Cindy believes the greatest mistake any of us could make would be to take Lake Barcroft for granted. She feels that the Board is an important component of this community, and wants to continue the policy of LBA having a close working relationship with WID. If elected, Cindy will work hard to keep our neighborhood the amazing place it is.