The Celebrating Diversity Group


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The Celebrating Diversity group is organized to promote our community as welcoming, safe, and inclusive for all. We work with the community at large, the Lake Barcroft Association, The Newcomers’ Club, and other groups to identify and respond to concerns related to bias, racial or ethic insensitivity and to build a strong, welcoming neighborhood. We listen to the stories of those who may be experiencing our community in a way different from others, confront bias when we recognize it and reach out to all to build a community reflective of inclusivity and kindness.  We have formed seven committees and welcome you to join us.  Please contact




  • LBA BOARD LIAISON COMMITTEE: Committee to make recommendations to the LBA Board related to policies, programs and procedures to make Lake Barcroft a more inclusive and welcoming community for all its residents.

         Chair: Holly Hazard;

  • LBA PUBLICATIONS DIVERSITY COMMITTEE:  Committee to work with or make recommendations to those responsible for publications and events to be sensitive to and reflective of our multicultural community.

Co-chairs: Jenna White and Elaine Mulligan;;

  • QUANTIFICATION OF QUALITY OF LIFE COMMITTEE:  Committee to work with statisticians and sociologists in Lake Barcroft to professionally document annually our progress in making our community more inclusive, safe and welcoming to residents.

Chair: Rick Clayton;

  • HOMEOWNER SIGN SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE:  Committee to develop participatory activity for households, including our artists and children to design yard signs, flags and/or window decals, unique to Lake Barcroft, that will indicate, when voluntarily displayed, each homeowner's commitment to ensuring that our community is inclusive, safe and welcoming to every resident. Email:

Co-chairs: Christina Malmberg Calvo and Andrea Quiles-Sanchez;;

  • REALTORS AND NEWCOMERS WELCOMING COMMITTEE:  Committee to network with our neighborhood realtors to ensure they have accurate data on our public schools and promote programs to increase our diversity. The committee will also work with the Newcomers Club on the Welcoming program for new residents (both owners and renters) to ensure they are aware we are striving to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.

Co-chairs: Lisa Dubois, Mike Sternad;

  • CULTURE AND INCLUSION COMMITTEE: The Culture and Inclusion Committee will share informational resources with the community on a semi-routine basis on the topics of culture and inclusion. The Committee will raise awareness on how to cultivate and encourage a more welcoming and inclusive community by sharing information on workshops and lectures, books clubs, reading lists, films, podcasts, web resources, and items for

Chair: Wendy Rejan;

  • MASON DISTRICT POLICE ENGAGEMENT COMMITTEE:  Committee to identify issues of concern for people of color and other ethnicities in our community, gather statistics on local police arrests and other actions, and dialogue with Mason District police on how we can build trust in our police force that their actions are without bias and protective of our goals to create a safe and inclusive community.

Chair: Bill Baumgartner;